Awesome Links #31: iCal Tricks, Internal Clock, Merits of Yoga

Where can you catch up on some great iCal tricks, get attuned to your own internal clock and learn when procrastination is a good thing?

This week’s Awesome Links, that’s where.

5 Superb iCal Tricks To Streamline Your Productivity
The Guiding Tech blog has a pretty useful post that could help iCal users enhance their daily productivity and help manage their schedule in a more efficient manner. Some of these tips aren’t that uncommon but as with any common tips, they are seldom implemented. There’s a nice “easter egg” at the end of the list, too.

How to Hone the Accuracy of Your Internal Clock and Better Understand Your Time
Lifehacker has an interesting post on resetting your internal clock. The idea is that doing so can stop you from underestimating the time you take to finish tasks, understand what your best work hours are and how to use small chunks of time during the day to streamline your work.

9 Ways in Which Yoga Changed My Life … And Could Change Yours
I am a yoga fan. I may be living in the country where it originated, but that’s not the reason. Yoga is actually a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body each morning, and I practice it time and again (though not as consistently as I should). So, while I was not surprised by Claudia’s post at the FeelGooder blog, where she talked about the positive changes that yoga brought about in her life, I thought maybe I should share the piece here so that some of you could also get started with it.

How to Be a Purple Cow Among Designers
If you are someone who’s recently started with designing and wondering how it to stand out in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of designers around the world, this post at the Six Revisions blog can help you. The writer has some useful advice on how you could do things differently and become “the purple cow” (i.e remarkable in the field of web design).

When Procrastination is a Good Thing
Lastly, we have Mark Shead from the Productivity 501 blog offering an interesting perspective on the benefits of procrastination. He focuses on the value of the activity that forces you to procrastinate on the task at hand. Most of the times it is of lower value but — at times — its value is higher than the task you were about to begin.

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