Boredom Busters

Now that it’s summer, you can hear kids around the world complaining, “I’m bored!” Do you ever feel that way at work? It’s way worse than the kind of boredom you experienced as a kid. A boring job can make you feel trapped, jaded, and constantly frustrated. It’s pure torture. There’s nothing worse than looking at your to-do list and feeling totally unmotivated to do a single thing.
Have you ever worked in a job that was so boring you felt your mind go numb? How did you deal with it? Do you have any boredom busters to give to someone struggling with this issue?

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  1. R. on the 5th July

    This isn’t helpful at all. I would look for another job.

  2. Debora on the 5th July

    “Have you ever worked in a job that was so boring you felt your mind go numb?”
    Yep, I’m in one.

    “How did you deal with it?”
    Still trying to find a way.

  3. Jonathan on the 6th July

    If your in a boring job, or no longer learning from your job, you should be re-skilling and finding something that excites you.

  4. Rondal on the 6th July

    Not to be a smart-@ss here, but I was hoping for more of an article. At least some personal advice or suggestions to actually incite conversation. I really liked your “Coffee Shop Etiquette” post, but this one admittingly leaves me feeling a little cheated. And still bored.

  5. Debora on the 6th July

    @R & Jonathan
    Thing is, there’s more to a job than being interested. I’m bored, but I’m also well paid, get loads of vacations days, work near home (15 minute commute!), have some flexibility in when I start and leave work and have great co-workers. Getting abother job most likely means giving up some of the other perks. And considering this economy might even mean giving up most of then.

  6. Thera on the 6th July

    The only moments I’m ever bored would be while stucked in an plane with no batteries nor pen & paper, and if I’ve already seen all the in-flight movies.

    Beyond that, I’m not physically capable of being bored: I’m either too sleep deprived to think (the joys of being an owl who has to work during daytime), either I have plenty of projects to think about.

    And even if I were to enter the twilight zone with nothing to do, I have a long list of [mostly fun] things to do or improve for when I have free time, such as ideas on how to improve my website, technologies to improve my skills with, crazy personal projects to tackle and so on.

    And if all fails, I can check Workawesome for new articles 😉

  7. Tan on the 12th July

    I was not aware this was more a question than a post, but anyway I recently found my self bored to death, I have done everything I can do, and still bored, yeah, some stuff I just see it and I procrastinate to do it, I don’t feel challenged anymore, everyday is the same, nothing exciting, or learning something new, but money is money even if I want to grow I need to pay the bills, so, I don’t think there is a cure.
    Me the pessimistic.

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