Christmas Giveaway 2010: Evernote Prize Pack

As the Christmas season arrives and many of us are looking ahead to 2011, WorkAwesome has a couple of special giveaways to offer. These prizes not only enable you to work better and live better, but they will add that little bit of extra “awesome” to your arsenal.

Today we’re going to send you into the end of year break with a couple of giveaways, the first being an Evernote Prize Pack!

The Prize

Evernote has graciously offered one of our lucky WorkAwesome readers – and/or listeners – a chance to win an Evernote Prize Pack which includes an Evernote T-Shirt and one year of Evernote Premium! If you’re not already using Evernote, this is the perfect chance for you to try what many consider to be the best software of its kind on the market. If you’re already using the free version of Evernote, then this upgrade will provide a wealth of additional features for you to have at your disposal.

How to Enter

To win this Evernote Prize Pack, leave a comment on this post telling us what your biggest workplace/career achievement was in 2010 and what you look forward to achieving in 2011.

Make sure you use a valid email address with your comment, so we can let you know you’ve won. This particular contest is for US residents only – but stay tuned for a giveaway later on that is open to everyone.


  • Employees and contractors of Envato, past and present, are not eligible.
  • I will select the winner at my sole discretion, based on how awesome I think the entries are. The “awesomer”, the better.
  • Entries close at 11:59 pm on December 31, 2010, Australian Time Zone (which means I have to be on my toes since I’m in North America myself!). The winning entrant will be notified shortly thereafter, but not on that day…because it’s New Year’s Eve.
  • You must be 18 or above to enter and must be based in the US for this particular prize giveaway.

Merry Christmas…and stay tuned for another contest in the next few hours!

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  1. jaffa brown on the 23rd December

    I decided to take 2 weeks to work ON my small buisness rather than IN my buisness. During this time I have removed all paper in my buisness process (now all electric documents), switched to cloud systems for buiness processes including accounting and project management) and removed old ways of working that no longer worked as they should (such as my old way of storing project code in windows folders). These changes may have taken two weeks to put in place but will save me weeks of effort saved every year going forward, will improve communication with customers and co-workers, and have led to two new customers (because of the extra time and resource now available). Plus all the space we now have through removal of all the old paper files.

  2. Richard Reilly on the 23rd December

    After owning/running my own business for 12+ years the economy hit us hard. I had to close shop and liquidate all our equipment. My biggest achievement this year was getting past that low and getting my Freelancing back up and running which is now sustainable and growing. I also started back in college brushing up on my Graphic Designs and Web skills. Essentially that would be two awesome achievements yet they coincide.

    Merry Christmas

  3. RJ on the 23rd December

    Biggest career achievement in 2010 was just getting a job (after 9 months, it’s hard to beat that one). As for 2011, we are about 2 weeks from closing on funding a pretty exciting company I am helping shape. Hoping 2011 is a nice reset from this year.

  4. Scarlett on the 23rd December

    A lot has happened in 2010! I’ve graduated, did internships that got me a relatively large-scale brand launch project for a startup company…but the biggest achievement has to be getting to showcase the brand launch at the London Design Festival 2010 alongside the logo I created for one of the events!

    I look forward to doing well in a year of post grad and hope to achieve by getting a job in 2011!

  5. Ben Triola on the 23rd December

    Losing my job, and everything I had put into it for three years was devastating. Landing on my own two feet by starting my design studio was liberating. Now that I’m working for myself, I work harder, happier, and better. I produce good work for clients I care deeply about. I’m deeply involved in a an awesome local business community. My biggest career achievement is that I can honestly say I wouldn’t go back to my old job if I could.

  6. Andrew on the 23rd December

    My biggest achievement in 2010 was the expansion of the student blogging program at Hope College. I look forward to continuing and expanding the program in 2011. Our students have such great experiences to share!

  7. Abby on the 23rd December

    I got married in April and successfully planned a wedding, worked full time, completely disconnected from work to enjoy my wedding day and honeymoon, and managed to keep my cool (most days) and continue to be a contributing member of the team. I have also converted several teammates to the awesomeness of Evernote and showed how much it has helped me in my personal and professional life. I also recently completed a 6 month leadership course and do the majority of the group’s work, again keeping my cool and being a contributing member of my team.

  8. Adam Weisblatt on the 23rd December

    In the beginning of 2010 I finished an exhaustive documentation of the end-to-end learning management process. It details with visual diagrams, every aspect of designing and deploying learning programs in corporations, including regulatory compliance. I had sold the idea of doing this at my company as a way to get 500 training groups on the same page for a Learning Management System Upgrade. They now use it for requirements gathering, training and strategic planning. I started my business to market my capabilities of helping companies with this process. I’m using Evernote to collect my ideas for a blog on the topic that I plan on launching in January.

  9. TrafficColeman on the 23rd December

    I achieve growing my blog traffic every month, and have increased my subscribers. Looking to really take it to an new level in 2011.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  10. Joe Casabona on the 23rd December

    My biggest achievement was actually writing my book! I’ve been planning it for a couple of years and I’m glad I finally got it done.

    In 2011, I hope to find a publisher and get it on the shelves.

    • MyLiteraryCoach on the 23rd December

      Joe, that’s a great goal. You don’t mention whether your book is fiction or nonfiction. I’ve been gathering free links to helpful articles on my website. You may find some of them helpful in achieving your goal. Tim

  11. Matt on the 23rd December

    How’s this for awesome?

    I work two jobs. At my day-job, I moved into a new position as Level 2 Unix / Linux systems administrator at the beginning of the year (moving from hardware to software). Since then, I’ve totally owned the job, completing many decommissions (saving money by consolidating web sites), upgraded our main MySQL servers, created 2 documentation sites — one for us and one for our customers, fixed the (unknown) broken failover for two of our most utilized servers, and fixed a software bug that I thought was unfixable.

    At my other job, I’m the youth pastor at my church. We’ve done a lot of cool youth events, including a weekend retreat where I not only planned everything, but make a kickin’ curriculum, booklet, and journal (using open source tools). I also took off work (my day job) to take the kids to camp. Our church went through a split (for no good reason) and now I don’t enough youth to call it a “group,” but have transitioned into the music leader position and I’m doing all kinds of behind the scenes stuff like the lights, sound, IT Services, and tons of other stuff.

    I also created a web site for a (soon to be) nonprofit organization — the Texas Association for Dysautonomia Awareness.

    I’m also working on starting my own software company and taking care of my chronically ill wife.


    • Mike Vardy on the 10th January

      Congrats, Matt! You win!

  12. CJ on the 23rd December

    My biggest career achievement in 2010? Landing a job in my field! After graduating grad school with a degree in Sports, Recreation and Leisure Management years ago with a very specific skill set (although I have a variety of skills, I’m devoted to the Experiential Education and specifically Outdoor Recreation), I realized if I wanted to get a job in my preferred field, I would have to move. But move from my Austin? The city that makes me the happiest? I said, “I’ll wait this one out.” And I did. Glad I did too-my new job made all the struggling worth it. Just like that terrible cat poster, you really just have to “hang in there.” In 2011 I plan on using my job to foster a greater appreciation for the environment and the outdoors-experientially, like I’ve always wanted to.

  13. Adam Lehman on the 23rd December

    My biggest achievement is one that will lead to many more: I finally got in the routine of waking up early and hitting the grind while all the competition is asleep.

  14. Dani Kelley on the 23rd December

    I successfully handled the rebranding of my company (starting the process while I was still a temp and finishing the process as a junior designer) – redesigned the logo, picked our company type family, put together a color palette and designated its uses, redesigned our promotional materials and redesigned our business cards. Also put together icons representing each of our services and paired them with the color palette to represent our business. Up next on my list for 2011 that I’d like to accomplish: redesign our website to reflect both the company and the work I put in last year so that we have a more unified presentation of ourselves to the public.

  15. Alan on the 23rd December

    I got my company to sign a contract for solar panels on their 60,000 sq ft roof!
    This is great for the environment and will put $20K+ in the company’s wallet.
    The goal for 2011 – get those suckers on the roof and start feeding the grid.


  16. Brian Lang on the 23rd December

    I successfully wrote a web-app for my company to track shipments into and out of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. We held the a number of contracts to handle stuff for the Olympics. I was handed the assignment in December, had it ready to go by Christmas 2009, and was tweaked while in operation through the beginning of January in the run-up to the Olympics.

    In 2011, I will be rebuilding a number of websites and will be building them with an eye to best-practices for coding standards while using cutting edge technologies.

  17. Lucas Rolff on the 23rd December

    Learned to convert mysqli functions to mysql functions because I was pissed of mysqli.. And I find that nice when I’m sucking soo much as php, and mysql as I do..

  18. Ankur Garg on the 23rd December

    This year I learned to design custom wordpress themes. I’m looking forward to learning how to design drupal and joomla themes in the coming year!

  19. Sam on the 23rd December

    After working with a client for 2 years on smaller jobs, they finally brought us into a single project that will cover our expenses for the entire year (and then some). Project won in 2010 and starts in 2011. Can’t wait!

  20. Steve Dolan on the 23rd December

    This year’s career achievements for me: Getting Adobe Certified Expert Certification on 3 different Adobe Apps. That’s been a goal of mine for a long time. I also personally learned a lot about the freelance business side of things. Paperwork is so important, and I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

    For 2011, I’m looking forward to graduating from school. I’m also going to buckle down and finally build a website (that I’ll stick to) for myself.

  21. Lorenzo Peña Álvarez on the 24th December

    I got a new project accepted and finally the human resources to help me out in my job. We are not a lot (6 ppl team) but I don’t have to do all the web development / design by myself anymore. Also the ppl hired is very good, and I am happy that we will be able to handle anything by our own.

  22. Steve Robillard on the 24th December

    My biggest achievement of the year was finding a semblance of work/life balance. This was a hard learned lesson that had some dire consequences on my health. A very wise nun I know once explained that since I didn’t always listen God occasionally had to scream to get my attention.

    For 2011, I am hoping to continue this balance and spend some time working on my business to prepare for bringing on board some help.

  23. Chris on the 24th December

    Biggest achievement in 2010 was being accepted into graduate school, and in 2011 I hope to continuing studying and hopefully publish a paper or two. Can’t wait!

  24. M. Elizabeth Williams on the 24th December

    My biggest workplace achievement in 2010 was to make an actual friend at the office I work out of–considering that the office is mostly home to government employees who constantly feel entitled and have a martyr-complex, this is a real achievement for me.

    My goal for 2011 is to be in my own, self-sufficient studio, away from the hired office that gets me down.

  25. LisaT on the 27th December

    My largest workplace achievement this year-landing a job with a company I’ve been very interested in for the past 2, 2.5 years. In 2011 I am hoping to take that job from part-time to full-time status.

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