The Very Best of Awesome Links

After forty(!) articles in the Awesome Links series, I thought I’d offer some of my favorite links from the past that have been published on WorkAwesome.

Supercharge Your OS X Desktop: Wallpaper, Icons, & Other Hacks (Windows tricks included)
I like to include useful posts from Guiding Tech (full disclosure: I own that site) now and then in the Awesome Links posts. I decided to look up and check which of them brought the most visitors from WorkAwesome. Turns out this post on OS X desktop customization had struck a chord. Check it out if you missed it last time. (The post includes tips for Windows users, too.)

The Essential Zen Habits of 2010
Zen Habits has to be one of the must-read sites for anyone who follows the productivity niche closely. This link points to all of the best stuff offered by Zen Habits from 2010. Easily one of my favorites.

25 Ways to Wake Up Early
Waking up early is usually one of the prime candidates for our new year resolutions every year. We know it’s good for us — but most just can’t do it. This piece from Life Optimizer got my attention as I try to get that resolution back on track myself. Even if just one of the 25 ways does the trick, the time spent on reading the article makes it worth it.

The Art of Positivity (and How it Saved My Life)
Blogging maven Darren Rowse opens up in this post at FeelGooder like never before. The insight he offers to his readers into his past is just amazing. It’s a fascinating story of how someone who was so frustrated that he wanted to throw him in front of a truck went on to become one of the most well-known and respected professional bloggers in the world.

Managing Money, Time, Energy, and Information: Five Powerful Tactics from My Own Recent Experience
From one top blogger to another. In this post, Trent from The Simple Dollar blog (one of the most popular personal finance sites out there) talks about the way he managed time, money, energy and information after his wife returned to work. A must read for productivity enthusiasts.

I hope you’ve liked the above as much as I have. Do you have any favorites from our Awesome Links series? Any changes you’d like to see? Share them in the comments.

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