WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 12 – Patrick Rhone

This week’s episode of the WorkAwesome podcast features a “less than minimal” interview with renowned minimalist and talented writer Patrick Rhone. Patrick’s writing covers the landscape of productivity, technology analysis and practical tips, all with a tremendous amount of articulation, thoughtfulness and flair.

Patrick is the writer and curator at Minimal Mac, a website that promotes subjective simplicity to Mac users everywhere. However, Patrick’s philosophy goes beyond the Mac platform alone (although admittedly, it is his platform of choice) and he has taken it to the next level with his new podcast, entitled Enough – The Minimal Mac Podcast.

Patrick and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discuss the nature of minimalism (what it is and, more importantly, what it really is), workflow and the crux of the term “enough” as he sees it. Since Patrick is a busy guy, we delve into how he achieves balance in all that he does — both in work and life — and the shift that has been happening for him with the rising success of his writing career. He also mentions some of those that he thinks are doing awesome work with their writing these days. We even talk about email strategies.

If you enjoy the podcast, please let us know. Leave us a rating and review in iTunes; it’ll help people find us and build up our listenership. We’re working hard to bring some great guests on — and we’ve already had some great ones — so if you have any suggestions on guests or what you’d like to hear, let us know in the comments. We want to be the podcast destination for those who want to do (and are doing) awesome work.

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Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


  1. Alex on the 18th February

    It would be nice if you made better show notes. I listen to the podcast in the car and I try to remember or send myself an evernote voicememo on the interesting things to look up. It would be helpful to be able to find them here 🙂 For example, the bloggers (actually online writers!) that Patrick would love to have a conversation with.

    • Mike Vardy on the 18th February


      You make a great point. Going forward, I’ll be sure to be more comprehensive with the show notes (without giving too much away, of course!) and I will begin to back and expand upon the ones from previous podcasts.

      Thanks for your feedback — and thanks for listening!

  2. Alex on the 19th February

    Thanks for the reply. I’m enjoying the show. Keep up the good work!

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