Teach Parents Tech: Get Productive at Family Tech Support

Family tech support or helping your parents with computers is usually more time-consuming than testing software or writing a blog post. So when a site offers to help us with that and make it easier, a productivity writer like me is bound to get excited.

Well, it recently happened.

Teach Parents Tech, a site created by a bunch of Google engineers, is a simple and useful site to help your parents learn about the world of computers and the internet. It can send them how-to videos in an email, and you can choose from over 50 how-to videos spanning 5 different categories. So, if you want to get productive at family tech support, this is a site you should bookmark — or bookmark for your parents.

Teach Parents Tech

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  1. Free Blackberry Site on the 1st February

    some family members dont get used to the new tech stuff.

  2. Robert Harris on the 4th April

    There are lots of browser like Mozilla Firefox, IE, Flock, Google Chrome etc.. and there are so many problems occurs in browser… so tech support for browsers is also a must.

  3. Lynn Liang on the 11th November

    To teach the family online, the homepage is very important. I setup a webpage with all the top sites http://www.plaingateway.com so parents need not dig through all their favorites. hao123.com, a Chinese website, is a huge huge success on this and it is currently the top 20 website on the world( http://www.google.com/adplanner/static/top1000/)

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