What Do You Do To Relax?

Wow.  Another week is upon us…already.

The weekends seem to fly by without so much as a pause (unless you take the time to make the pauses happen) – and before you know it you’re back at the grind again.  Hopefully you’ve gone back to work with a fresh set of batteries, ready to take on everything that comes your way and have set yourself up for a very productive week.  The best way to do that would, of course, have handled all of the weekend stuff you have to deal with and then have taken the time to just…relax.  Whether its curling up with a good book, going camping or spending quality time with friends and family, relaxation is the key to gearing up for the busy times in your life.

So, what do you do to relax – weekend or otherwise?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Mark Cossey on the 6th June

    Funny, I just blogged on taking ‘creative breaks’ to help relax and focus.


  2. Peter North on the 6th June

    I find weightlifting to be very relaxing…at least afterward.

    Cooking is also a great way to refresh yourself from work-related stress. Unlike your tasks at work, you have a clear road map (your recipe), and immediate gratification for following it properly.

    During my time at a hectic web design firm, they ordered new furniture, and we became strangely obsessed with assembling the chairs and desks. For once, there was one right way to put the puzzle together.

    • Darren McPherson on the 7th June

      I second that. Weight lifting helps me to relax.

  3. Webdesign Königswinter on the 6th June

    I like relaxing with sports, particularly pumping Iron and jogging. Cooking works really good, i think so too.

    Besides going outside, spend some time with friends or doing things you have to do as well.

  4. Nathan Nash on the 6th June

    Watching my favorite TV shows, always helps me unwind at the end of the day. Having a good sized roster of shows to watch gives me something to look forward to at the end of almost every day.

  5. Sarvesh on the 6th June

    Lets see..
    1. Watch favorite or funny tv shows or movies.
    2. Listen to songs on shuffle mode. Favorite radio channel works too.
    3. Read a book or magzine.
    4. Have coffee.. juice.. whatever you like.
    5. Long hot baths.
    6. Make love.
    7. Go out. Meet friends. Socialize.
    8. Watch sunrise/sunset. Depends on if you are a early bird or night owl.
    9. Just dance.
    10. Write in a journal.
    11. Read your favorite comics.
    12. Exercise. Do weights. Cardio. Jogging in park.
    13. Go on a date.

    I still got things to write. But 13 is a good number to stop at.

    BTW love your blog.. awesome design too. 🙂

  6. Cesare on the 7th June

    Eat fruit

  7. I Just don’t want to look at my laptop on the weekends. Everything else is fine!


  8. Brad on the 7th June


    Completely destresses and re-energizes me.

  9. Christopher Hein on the 7th June

    I try to push the limits, mostly leaping off bridges and jumping out of planes, working on, going go karting, or hang gliding, or anything else that really make your heart racing.


  10. Emile on the 10th June

    Personally, physical activities like basketball, weights or jogging help me relax. A cup of tea / coffee and a casual chat with a mate helps too though.

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