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7 Tips for Writing the Best Cover Letter

Here’s a fact — more and more employers ask for cover letters from their job applicants.

And here’s another thing — most job seekers quit applying to posts asking for cover letters.

They do this for several reasons.

Some don’t know what and how to write, some don’t want to invest the time, and others are just lazy.

If you are not part of the quitting category and want to try your best, here are seven useful tips on how to come up with an impressive cover letter. Click Here to Read Article …

Why Resumes and Cover Letters Still Matter

Some people think that in this high-tech day and age that resumes and cover letters are no longer necessary.  I believe they not only still have a place, but are important.


Doesn’t a LinkedIn profile tell you everything you need to know? Aren’t these pages relics of an old way of hiring that is becoming obsolete?  Can’t social networks serve the purpose that resumes and cover letters did?

Barbara Hart, a hiring consultant who runs Hire Well, says maybe – but insists on getting a cover letter and resume from every job candidate who wants to go through her. Here’s why:

  • Too Much Information: LinkedIn is the social network for business people but it still has information she doesn’t need. In fact some of what it reveals cannot be legally considered for hiring.
  • Hard to Compare: Social media profiles aren’t standard enough to compare candidates. Resumes and cover letters are boring in that way. But boring and standard allow comparison between candidates.
  • Not All Employers Are That Savvy: It may be 2010, but some human resource departments just still want to do it the way they always have done it. They’re the ones with the job that you want. Do you really want to tell them they’re doing it wrong?
  • Not Print-Friendly: Have you tried to print your LinkedIn profile? Human resources wants to print or copy your resume and pass it around to hiring managers. Even if you save it as an electronic document and e-mail it, it’s print ready for them.

When it comes down to it, who’s life are you trying to make easier? Yours or the hiring manager? Trust me, hiring managers like employees who are trying to make their lives easier. Click Here to Read Article …

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