WorkAwesome Wins UK Design Award!

We’re pleased to announce that WorkAwesome has been selected as the winner of the UK Design Award for March 2011. The UK Design Awards select their website of the month based on a number of factors, notably the design and execution of the site.

A few months ago, our website design was called “enchanting” by Guy Kawasaki (who knows something about enchantment; he’s recently written a book on the subject). We’re happy to see that he’s not the only one!

Here’s what the UDA had to say about WorkAwesome:

Work Awesome is an online resource for people who want to improve at work. Packed with useful articles on how to improve your work productivity, the site caters for a wide range of industries. As well as providing essential gems of information, the site is designed in an incredibly user friendly way, allowing users to navigate easily and find the right info for them. A more than worthy winner!

We’d like to thank the UDA for their consideration. A big thanks also goes out to the design team at Envato who helped put the design of the site together, to all of our contributors who augment the design with great content and to all of our readers — you’re who we’re doing it for!

Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


  1. Abhijeet Mukherjee on the 1st March

    Great. Kudos to the team!

  2. Paul Maddock on the 2nd March

    Congratulations! Although, being the productive reader that I am now, I read this blog through Google Reader, so very rarely get to see the lovely design.

    In any case, yay!

  3. Mark Ledden on the 2nd March

    Yay! This has been an invaluable site for me. Great content in beautiful packaging. Congrats!

  4. Camille on the 2nd March

    I’m not surprised at all! I’ve been visiting this site for over a year now, and you’ve helped me in work in so many ways. Congratulations, WorkAwesome! And that Guy Kawasaki quote sure is awesome.

  5. angelee on the 3rd March

    WorkAwesome is indeed AWESOME!… Congratulations! I feel like a winner too for keeping in touch with this site.

  6. Ana da Silva on the 4th March

    Congratulations 🙂

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