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How to Let Go of Resentment at Work

how to let go of resentment

As we grow in our lives and our careers, we pick up things along the way. Most of these things are positive and useful and allow us to grow into successful people.

But some of the things we hold on to are neither practicable nor of any use to us. In fact they only hold us back.

Two of those things are regrets and resentments, and what we discover is that we can’t get ahead while we are still pulling them along with us.

Regrets and resentments weigh us down and actually produce negative energy that will hinder our success. Until we deal with them. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Forgive

Just like most people at work, I had ignored the book that lay in my drawer. Little did I know it’d teach me how to forgive. It wasn’t any self-help title or a bestseller that I was looking forward to reading. It was our company’s on-going series in lessons in effective management and leadership. That afternoon, during my lunch break, I opened my desk drawer to find something when I saw the little thing.

The mini-book was titled Inspire to Lead and had the first full-page quote that got me reading further. It said. . .

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