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5 Ways a CEO Finds Work Life Balance

CEO Finds Work Life Balance

I started my first business as a junior in college, and my current business while pregnant with my first child, so I’ve learned quite a bit about juggling work and life. As a CEO, I’ve also learned that if you don’t give yourself a chance to balance work and life priorities accordingly, your juggling act can quickly fall apart.

After founding my first company as a college junior, it became obvious that in order to devote myself to what was clearly a growing business, I needed to rebalance my priorities, so I took a leave of absence from school. Over the next four years, I helped grow JobDirect to over 100 team members. Click Here to Read Article …

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How Do You Track Deadlines?

Some people keep a giant calendar listing all of their deadlines. Others use online tools like Google Calendar or ReminderFox to keep track of important dates. Whatever your strategy, I think we can all agree that deadlines are pretty darn important.

I use an Excel spreadsheet that lists all my past, current, and future writing assignments. Upcoming deadlines are in green and projects I’ve completed are in black. I reserve red for when checks are overdue, which (knock on wood) doesn’t happen very often. Admittedly, it’s rather low-tech compared to the other options out there, but it works. After all, Excel is pretty versatile.

What about you? How do you ensure that you never miss a deadline? Click Here to Read Article …

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