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The Intrapreneurship Alternative: Innovating from Within

Intrapreneurship can have many meanings — you can’t even successfully run spell check on the word. However, intrapreneurship can lead to amazing results in product and procedural development within a company or corporation. Intrapreneurship is meant to encourage employees in developing their own ideas, innovations, and techniques into solid plans of action that benefit the companies they work for. Corporations, partnerships, associations, and non-profit organizations are all able to benefit from intrapreneurship.

Though it may be easier to launch a product or service when backed by a corporation, intrapreneurship is still a lot of work. In addition, there are no guarantees that you will be successful. Being tied to the corporate entity you work for can also create a fear of failing due to job security. Here are a few tips to guide you down the path of successful intrapreneurship.
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