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Is This an Invasion of Privacy?

You’re searching for something you need in the company database.  You stumble across a folder that looks interesting and when you get in, you’re floored.  This folder contains the salary information, performance reviews and management concerns corresponding to all of the people in the company.  You know you shouldn’t have access to this folder, but apparently you do.

What do you do with this information?

  • Close out of the folder without reading any further.  Inform your manager and your IT team that you have access, and suggest they fix that.
  • Make copies of all of the files, and read them at home when you have time.
  • Share the link with your work-buddies.
  • Share the link with everyone in the office – the ultimate in transparency.
  • Hold onto the information for a rainy day – you never know when you might need to play that card.

With security systems less than secure and passwords either known office-wide or easy enough to figure out, being presented with this situation is far from abnormal.

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