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The Art of the Personal Mission Statement

Around this time last year a good friend of mine invited me to participate in a 31-day process of developing a personal mission statement for 2010. It sounded like a daunting task at first, but I ended up doing it when the friend who invited me agreed to be my planning buddy — step one of the process.

Granted, a 31-step process is pretty involved, so let’s boil it down to 5 key steps, adapted from Accelerated Success.
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How to Practice the 2-Item To-Do List

Are there any other type-A personalities out there who read with disdain blog posts about eliminating the to-do list? Do you roll your eyes like I do when you read things like, “do less and you’ll get more done.” Or, “just choose the one most important thing to focus on for the day and don’t do anything else.”

The little voice inside my head always screams,

“Yeah, right! I don’t know what planet you’re living on, but my planet sure doesn’t function that way.”

But then again, my to-do list is an ever-growing monster. It seems like every time I cross one thing off, two new things get added. Now if that isn’t the epitome of counter-productive, I don’t know what is. Click Here to Read Article …