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Live Healthier and Longer With Less Effort: Consider a Crosstrainer

Getting older isn’t bad. Looking older and becoming ill or weak, that’s what’s bad. A crosstrainer can add years of healthy living. The health benefits of exercise are widely known. A sedentary lifestyle increases your chance of heart disease and early death by more than smoking or eating a poor diet, according to research at the University of Hong Kong. Their study showed that the couch potatoes even increased their risk of cancer, by 45 percent if they were men and 28 percent if they were women.

According to a January 2011 article in The Journal of the American Medical Association, the size of the gait and speed was another measure for longevity. Those walking faster simply skirted death longer than those with a slower pace did. Maybe they simply outran it or had the faster speed because of their increased fitness. The second is the most rational choice. Click Here to Read Article …

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