5 Awesome Gifts for Freelancers

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Freelancers of any stripe need a good pick-me-up every so often.

Fortunately, many of us know folks who love to give us gifts and the gift-giving season is on its way. The holiday season is officially upon us folks.

A little boost in spirits could come in the form of a little gizmo, one that delivers a bit of consumer goods happiness.

So when someone asks you what you’d like, make sure to add these awesome gifts to your wish list:

1. The Freelancer’s Bible

Testify! This five-hundred pager comes to us from Sara Horowitz, a MacArthur Genius Fellow and one of Forbes’ Top 20 Social Entrepreneurs.

Horowitz has authored a comprehensive encyclopedia of all things entrepreneurial. The big reference book offers tips and advice about business practices, but also delves into the onerous, pragmatic stuff like taxes and putting together a retirement plan.

2. Hidden Compartment Keyboard

Remember those old movies in which someone would open a thick book to reveal hollowed-out pages hiding a little pistol or a wad of cash? Well, the mykeyO keyboard with storage is probably not quite like that.

But these unique qwerty machines, which work with any computer, as well as with iPads, pull up to reveal divided storage compartments for CDs, paper-clips, etc. I hide my most wicked ideas in mine.

3. iPhone Ramen Bowl

Time is money, people! Don’t waste yours slurping unproductive noodles in yummy broth. Instead, add to your wishlist this battery-powered bowl from MisoSoupDesign and have dinner with your smart phone in reach.

Even if you choose to actually take a break from working — the madness — you can take your Facebook breaks and make a quick tweet while dining, leaving your work time for work.

4. Finger Drums

If you’re like me, you have your procrastination priorities all wrong, and you take little breaks from work by doing other stuff on the web. Thus, your eyes are still burning, fingers still sore, brain still soaking in more and more electronic words.

There’s a better way. The Blu Inc. finger drum set allows you to work the kinks out of your digits while taking out a little frustration at the same time.

5. Writer’s Clock

Freelance writers among us will be happy to put this in their offices. This cafepress heirloom reminds us that we can’t have our chocolate until we finish our margarita.

Somewhere in there it says something about revising or something. If it’s true that writers write, being reminded that you are one every time you idly glance up at the clock looking for any help it may give should be inspirational.

What awesome gifts would you give your favorite freelancer? Or if you are a freelancer, what’s on your wish list?

Jeff Maehre is a fiction writer and freelance copywriter. His fiction has appeared in Story, The Northwest Review, Cutbank, and Phoebe; he often blogs and writes other copy about social media.


  1. StartupCatchup on the 22nd November

    Great article Jeff. Time is money indeed! Loved your comment, “Don’t waste yours slurping unproductive noodles in yummy broth” Thanks for sharing!

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