Awesome Links #9: Secure Wireless, Accountant Hiring, Google Failures

The Complete Guide to Securing Your Home Wireless Network

This article at Guiding Tech talks about the steps you need to take to make sure that your home wireless network cannot be easily hacked into.

How the internet works [Infographic]

A nice illustration explaining how the internet actually works from Make Use Of.

Accountant Hiring Simplified

Need to hire an accountant? This guide by our sister site The Netsetter will make the process simpler for you.

12 Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed

Some prominent social media monitoring tools reviewed by Six Revisions.

Let’s Celebrate Google’s Biggest Failures!

Google Wave’s shutdown announcement prompted Danny Sullivan to take a look at some of the biggest Google products that failed to live up to the expectations.

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  1. Pablo Valerio on the 9th August

    Google just acquired Slide, the developer of SuperPoke, FunSpace and Top Friends. I think they are trying to get into the Social Networking sites making applications for them.

    It’s going to be an interesting year….

  2. Mike F. on the 12th August

    Loved the “How The Internet Works” Infographic… didn’t really learn anything new, but it’s a nice, ultra-simplified refresher 🙂

    The Social Media Monitoring link is good too. It’s nice that it goest through some of the free tools first before listing Radian6 & ScoutLabs at 11 and 12. It’s by no means an all inclusive list, but I wish I had seen this when I was doing a review of brand monitoring tools a couple of months ago.

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