Getting Rid of Cellphone Addiction: Some Useful Tips

Not a day goes by when I don’t scold my younger brother for being glued to his cellphone all day. College kids, I tell you.

But it’s not only him. I have seen people, irrespective of their age and location, stuck on their phones even when they don’t need to be. It’s like the mobile phone is their only focus for most of their 24 hours. Sound familiar?

The Dumb Little Man blog has an interesting and well-written article on how can one use his phone and yet not let it take over his life. The article has some useful tips. Check it out(I am forwarding it to my brother as I write this…).

Sir, Please Put the Phone Down. 5 Tips to Free You From The Shackles of your Phone

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  1. Krishna on the 30th December

    Here’s how to remove cell phone addiction: Block all texting features. Block tweets. Block the web. Use your phone as a phone. Problem solved.

  2. S Emerson on the 30th December

    I’m with Krishna!

    It’s most annoying trying to have a nice meal with someone or just a chat and they are more concerned about their phone than giving you their undivided attention for a bit.

    There’s voicemail ya know.

  3. Wasim on the 31st December

    Yes this is funny, at times you can get a better response speaking to someone on the phone or texting them.

  4. Work From Home Ideas Guy on the 31st December

    Call me a Luddite, but I cannot stand my cell. It’s an electronic tether. I like what my good friend Mark calls them — E.F.S. devices. Electronic Focus Splitters. I get SO much more accomplished simply by turning off the darn thing …


  5. jay on the 26th June

    That was the dumbest advice ever. Buy a prepaid phone? Really? Do you know the benefits of a smartphone? Aside from all the addicting stuff ie facebook, email, Twitter, games, etc, there are amazing tools you can’t get from a prepaid. GPS, calculator, bank app, etc. How is buying a prepaid going to rid you of your addiction?

  6. Rachael on the 5th March

    As Emmerson and Krishna said, being able to NOT focus on your phone, its messages, texts, etc… is key!

    I was having a really hard time getting my husband to put down the phone during family time, and even if it was “away” the constant beeping was a distraction. We purchased a “SilentPocket” and it was a game changer. When inside the pocket, his phone is totally “cut off”, however his callers, emails and everyone else trying to take our family time does not know that. When the phone is removed, all messages come through normally. It was also handy to use during travel, it blocks RFID signals too!

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