What Productivity Software Do You Use?

This week we’ve already looked at what methods you use to get yourself on the pathway to productivity – whether it be paper, software or web-based in nature.  As mentioned, no matter which way you go the options seem endless.  (Yes, even those who use paper have a variety of options to choose from…)

Let’s say you use a software solution.  The website Priacta has listed a ton – an exhaustive list – of productivity software solutions (and another list of web-based solutions as well) to choose from.

So, WorkAwesome readers, which one (if any) do you use…or have you used?

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  1. Matthew Marsee on the 26th May

    A few things, actually. Evernote for keeping track of notes and daily progress/checklist/to-do type things. Yast.com for timesheet/project time management. Also of course Remember the Milk (in any of its versions). ANd Google Docs for storing all my documents in the cloud. I’m a huge “in the cloud” guy. These kinds of things make it so much more convenient. Those are my favorites and the most useful.

  2. Ionut Staicu on the 26th May

    I use to do from outlook for small/medium projects and project pier for big projects

    • Frontjer on the 9th July

      I used the Outlook and still using it as corporate tool. Yet it does not help much to do multiple task management, manage many emails. I recently found a tool named VisioTask, that is an extension to Outlook. Designers used a new principle – it helps to organize my emails by my key tasks. It also support GTD to get all tasks and then arrange them in a perspective vew. Quite cool one.

  3. Anna Lear on the 26th May

    I use clockingit.com for time tracking and rudimentary project planning. Evernote for some notes. And I’m still looking for a good todo list manager that would stick and work for me — until then, I’m doing it the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper.

  4. Julia on the 26th May

    OmniFocus is my primary tool.
    Postbox handles my email well and its OF integration makes it the best choice for me.
    Dropbox and Evernote keep the things I need at my fingertips wherever I am.

  5. Paul Hachmang on the 26th May

    Ik use iCal for personal activities and Google Docs with a simple list of items for collaborative things.

  6. Roland on the 26th May

    Ok guys…the most brilliant productivity invention ever = actionmethod.com

    Also check out their book “Making Ideas Happen.”

    Flat out changed my life!

  7. Thekla Richter on the 26th May

    I’ve tried various things but now work with my whiteboard, a paper notebook, Google Docs, and Google Calendar. I try very hard to keep my system extremely simple. I am also experimenting with using Highrise for tracking interactions with potential clients.

    I’ve heard of a lot of success for people with different styles using both Remember the Milk and Evernote, though.

    What an awesome list, thanks for sharing it!

  8. curtismchale on the 26th May

    I’m still finalizing my TODO application but I’m down to trying OmniFocus. Things is also awesome so it’s really just between the two of them.

    PostBox for email b/c it just works and the integration between Things or OmniFocus rocks.

    DropBox to sync items/backup all current client work across multiple machines.

    Billings for time tracking/invoicing.

  9. Stefan Huska on the 26th May

    I’m GTD positive and my lovely tool is called NirvanaHQ – http://nirvanahq.com.

  10. Sandeep Sharma on the 26th May

    I use gtdify to manage my projects and actions..

  11. Anol Bhattacharya on the 26th May

    1. Things for Mac (sync with iPhone) http://culturedcode.com/things/
    2. Evernote

  12. Christopher Masiello on the 26th May

    Evernote on my Mac, PC, and iPhone
    Dropbox on my Mac, PC, and iPhone
    Zoho apps for just about anything else
    Gmail and calendar, contact sync on iPhone

  13. Brad on the 26th May

    Personal: Things / Evernote

    Team Collaboration: can’t go past Teambox.

  14. Elina on the 26th May

    I am using:
    – Tracks for my todo lists
    – Evernote for my notes
    – Stickies (http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/) to put on my screen
    – Freemind for mind mapping
    – FengOffice (local hosted) for my professional projects as it includes time tracking
    – XWiki for all procedures.

    • Frontjer on the 9th July

      Well, too many tools, it seems.

  15. Tim on the 26th May

    37signals bundle of four webapps is great for our small business to be collaborate and keep track of everything that’s going on with our 300+ clients.

    Otherwise, Things on Mac is pretty good, although it REALLY needs to be over the air sync with the desktop app from ANYWHERE as well as with a web interface.

    Best productivity tool ever: 1Password for Mac or Roboform for PC, not “productivity tools” per se, but password managers are life-savers.

    Lastly, a razor blade letter opener. $1.49 and saves a bundle of time on opening mail.

  16. Marc on the 26th May

    – Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal + MobileMe (http://me.com)
    – HotGloo (http://hotgloo.com)
    – Projecturf (http://projecturf.com)
    – Billings (http://marketcircle.com/billings)
    – Zootool (http://zootool.com)
    – Passpack (http://passpack.com)
    – Netvibes (http://netvibes.com)
    And not to forget:
    – Tweetdeck (http://tweetdeck.com)

    • Henri on the 16th July

      Still using Netvibes ? Nice. Why not shifting to Google Reader?

  17. Azim on the 26th May

    1. Tudumo : excellent GTD software.
    2. Evernote : for notes

  18. Jessie on the 27th May

    We use ClockingIt.com to track our time, productivity and projects.

  19. Harry Falkenmire on the 27th May

    &#@*(!ing Mac users.
    http://teuxdeux.com for GTD (cannot beat it, although the promised iPhone app is very needed)
    OneNote 2010 + Outlook 2010 for everything else.

  20. Peter on the 28th May

    My life savers are:
    Pen + Paper for urgent TODOs
    Feng Office for task management and time tracking (synced with my phone)

  21. Ben on the 29th May

    1) MS Outlook for work (big user of the flags)
    2) Todoist.com for personal

    I also use Evernote but I don’t really see that as a “productivity tool”, it’s just sort of a place to capture everything for reference later.

  22. Helen on the 31st May

    Evernote on PC and Android
    SugarSync on PC and Android
    Google Mail and calendar synced on Android
    Google Docs
    Currently using Fruitful Time TaskManager and NoteKeeper but the UI isn’t very pretty. It’s a little too colorful.
    Downloading Tracks now.

    Have been looking for better (free is good atm) productivity desktop software. Thanks!

  23. Hugo on the 11th September

    Task Coach.
    Very cool, very robust.

  24. Security on the 30th March

    I use Evernote everyday. It is great at keeping track of notes and checklist type of things.

  25. Frontjer on the 9th July

    Well, I hate using pen to write down and rewrite again. Too many tools are boring for me as it needs to sync data there. I use just one that supports my tasks lists, emails and notes management as well as files. All my data about my tasks is in one tool. It helps me to concentrate on work done rather than technical arrangements. The one named VisioTask, http://www.Visiotask.com. Check for yourself, it might be useful for you as well.

  26. Henri on the 16th July

    -I use Evernote of course !!!
    -Also Freemind when it comes to making plans or taking notes.
    Among the softwares which deliver good mind mapping services, I have just found that one : http://connected-mind.appspot.com/

    -Also, I use a lot google calendar (is it worth mentioning? )

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