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How to Be Productive in the Age of Distraction

Mobile phones, social media, college friends and colleagues – there are so many offline and online distractions that can stop you from doing what’s important and urgent. You’ll send a tweet, check out the tagged photos on Facebook, talk on the phone with your friend, before you know you’ve been distracted from an important assignment for a couple of hours.

Despite this, there are ways to be productive in the apparent age of distraction today.

Distraction can happen both offline and online. Let’s first look at the offline activities that lead to distraction: Click Here to Read Article …

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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 17 – James Shelley

This week’s guest on the WorkAwesome podcast is James Shelley. James is a highly-regarded online writer, offering articles on productivity and time management — as well as attention and willpower. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That said, James is also a storyteller and speaker. He has spoken to high school students about the challenges the world has to offer as well as looking at lifestyles choices and decisions that need to be made. These kind of musings don’t just apply to the youth of today; we all can learn from James’ work online. His work at JamesShelley.net is a great place to start.
Click Here to Read Article …

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