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Does Your Office Kitchen Make You Scream?

We have a sign posted above the sink in our office kitchen. It reads:

WANTED: DISHWASHERS! Former dishwasher has dishpan hands. Please take a few moments and do your own dishes. Thank you!

And underneath that sign is a sink full of dirty, smelly dishes.
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6 Natural Energy Foods to Revive Yourself at Work

Have you ever been so tired at work that you fell asleep at your desk? You put your head down for just a minute and, well, you wake up with drool all over the report you were working on. Not only does sleeping at your desk look bad, it can be gross (hello, drool!)

Most of us don’t have the luxury of shutting our office door and taking a cat nap during the day. And sleeping more at night might not be the solution. If you’re like me you have a stash of natural energy foods by your desk in case you need to fight off a growling stomach. Here is a list of foods that give you energy, fill you up,  and keep you alert and functioning at the same time. Click Here to Read Article …

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