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The Netsetter: SEO Writing Tip #3: Rock Your On-Page SEO

In the first installment in this series on SEO writing, we talked two things: why you need to be conscious of the keywords implicit in the topic of your article, and why you need to target that topic’s main keyword in your title tag. In the second installment, we talked about the meta description tag (not what most people refer to as the “meta tag”, which usually describes the tag for meta keywords). This time around, we’ll go over some on-page SEO factors that are too minor to discuss individually, but are collectively important to implement. We’ll also go over their relationship to off-page factors. Click Here to Read Article …

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The Netsetter: SEO Writing Tip #2: Optimize Your Meta Description Tag

[Update: A couple of commenters challenged me on the meta description tag as a Google ranking factor, particularly Josh, whose link pointed me to a meta description test. The test is persuasive, so while most what follows on optimization is still valid, it’s mainly for clickthrough rate, not indexing and ranking.]

I’m always amazed by how little attention even SEO-conscious writers will give their post’s meta description tag. The meta description is probably the most important on-page SEO factor you control after the title tag. Let’s look at this element in detail, and how you can use it to not only increase your article’s ranking in Google, but also its clickthrough rate. Click Here to Read Article …

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