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Project Management Software Review: 5pm

My boyfriend’s company recently switched project management tools and my boyfriend was so happy with the new program, 5pm, that he told me all about it (yeah, we’re geeks).  I quickly became very curious about the seemingly great features and so I signed up for 5pm’s 14-day free trial. Click Here to Read Article …

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What Wedding Planning Taught Me About Project Management

I’m getting married.

Yes, I’m thrilled. It’s going to be a small wedding on the shore of the lake. Beautiful spot for a beautiful day.

I’m pretty busy with the wedding planning. Even though it’s going to be small, we still have almost all the elements and decisions that come with a big wedding. Perhaps this is as unromantic as you can get, but it seems to me we’re using project management skills to do all of this.  We have calendars, file folders, checklists and meetings.

This is a product launch to be branded as “Mr. and Mrs. Carl Natale.” Click Here to Read Article …

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