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How to Win the Ground War at Work

A great philosopher once said that love is a battlefield. That may or may not be true, but you might be interested to know that work is also a battlefield.

To succeed, to win, you need to plan for the long term. You need more than skills and tactics, you need a strategy. But why bother dreaming up your own strategy when you can just steal one from Napoleon Bonaparte: “An army marches on its stomach.” Don’t see the connection? Let me walk you through it. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Give Awesome Customer Service

We live in a global culture of convenience. The number of options we have as consumers increases every day. So why should they deal with you instead of your competitor? Why should they deal with a real store rather than order online? The best answer you can give to these questions is that you provide great customer service. It’s also the best way to keep them coming back, and get them referring their friends. Here are a few tips to improve your customer service skills.

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How to Take Productive Breaks

It wouldn’t kill you to take a break. Really. I know we got this “nose to the grindstone” culture going. But there is some rationale for taking breaks. Basically, the mind starts to wind down about 3 p.m., and it becomes hard to keep up the mental pace that gets you through the day.

And physically, your body needs the break. Your eyes need to focus on something that isn’t a computer monitor. Your circulatory system needs a reason to pump more blood. All those muscles in your legs need some action while the muscles in your arms and hands need a break.

Even so, you need to be productive. You want to be useful all the time. Maybe you can have your cake and eat it too if you try these productive breaks:

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Tell an Embarrassing Office Story and Win File Folders with Attitude

As a WorkAwesome reader, you may have noticed that we love to talk about office life, and we love to find the humor in it. For example, Michelle Burleson’s Taboo but True: Rules of the Loo outlines the bathroom etiquette all the other stuffy career sites were too scared to talk about. (After all, we don’t talk about the process of expelling waste; professionals don’t need to do that.)

That’s why we want your stories, and we’re willing to reward you handsomely for them. Well, at least some of you, and it depends on your definition of handsomely. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Here’s what we want:

  • Write about the most embarrassing office incident of your career in 600 words or less.
  • Leave the story as a comment on this post, leaving your real name and email address. Your email address will not be publicly viewable, but if you use a fake one, we can’t contact you if you win.
  • I’ll spend a good half-day in the office reading funny stories, and my boss won’t be able to do anything about it.
  • Then I’ll pick the three funniest, and they’ll win. I’ll publish them in a follow-up post.
  • The three winners will be contacted regarding their prize, which is…

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