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Take Your Career to the Next Level by Getting Certified

Getting a higher credential in practically any field of work is almost always a good thing. Getting a certification creates a level of trust between you and other people. From an employer’s perspective, the fact that you have some type of credential from a reputable organization means that you can be trusted and makes you more likely to get hired. From a client’s side of things, seeing that you have a degree or certification by your name can give them assurance that you have a certain level of competence, knowledge-base and can get the job done. While it might be a bit of an investment upfront in both time and money, the right certification can make a world of difference over the life of your career. Below is a list of some credentials for a variety of careers that can help you succeed.

1. CPA License

If you are an accountant or perhaps thinking about becoming one eventually, a CPA license is a great way to accelerate your career. Getting your CPA license means that you have obtained the profession’s highest standard of competence. While passing the CPA exam might seem daunting, it is definitely possible with the proper CPA study materials and is well worth the effort.

By getting the skills needed to beat the CPA exam, you create a level of trust with your employers and customers. Because you have met the requirement of an objective process, those around you know they can trust you as well. If you are in accounting, or perhaps looking to join that career field, getting your CPA license is something you should certainly consider. Click Here to Read Article …

Managing Payment Lags in Freight

One of the greatest challenges in a business with a physical service or product is the delay between completion of the work and the receipt of payment. While most businesses pay their bills on the same net-30 terms that they use with their own customers, new businesses in particular may not have established credit with their suppliers and could consequently struggle to keep current with them if receivables are taking too long.

Freight is a particularly problematic issue. A typical run has predictable costs for the fuel and driver, but outside factors like traffic, road construction, poor directions, and other interference can drastically increase those expenditures.

Controlling those costs is vital. Your company will be more successful if they implement smart cost-saving strategies. Finding a solution to these challenges can be the difference between profitability and failure for businesses of any age, so making that happen is a high priority for management.
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