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6 New Trends in Employee Benefits

I work for an amazing company that offers employee benefits I never expected to encounter in a job.

And, no, I don’t work in one of those offices with a pinball machine and a beer fridge. I work for a company that has thought long and hard about providing employees with benefits that align to its goals and values.

When I started at my job, I was immediately floored by the revelation that I got a “fitness break” (an allotted time each day to exercise—on the clock). As a working mom, my fitness regime to that point basically consisted of chasing a toddler around the house or racing to put out the garbage cans before the truck rolled up. So, when this opportunity appeared, I couldn’t believe that someone was actually paying me to take care of myself.

It seemed too good to be true, but it was real. And each day that I hopped on the treadmill or picked up the weights, I was extremely appreciative. Click Here to Read Article …

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