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Giveaway: Bring Your Resume to Life with $109 Resume Design Vouchers

Hello there!

Tired of your dull, boring MS Word resume? Is the B&W colour sucking the soul out of the most important document of your whole career?

Lucky for you, it’s giveaway time at WorkAwesome!

Loft Resumes, a creative resume design service, is throwing a cool giveaway. Three (3) of you will each get a free resume makeover. Catch the attention of busy employers with awesome professional designs at Loft Resumes, who recently got featured in the Fast Company Design. How good is that? Click Here to Read Article …

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Effects of Information Overload & How to Deal with it

You come into the office and have 30 emails waiting. Keeping your head above water is difficult, as it seems like the minute you answer one, you’ve got a dozen more waiting in its place. You attempt to clean your inbox every evening, only to arrive at the office with it filled right back up the next day.

Keeping up with “office reading” is keeping you from getting to the “real” work you need to get done in order to keep the business moving. And it doesn’t stop there – factor in the incessant IM’s, phone calls, meetings, texts, voicemails, live chats, etc., and your once neatly-planned work day is under constant interruption. Click Here to Read Article …

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Answering Life’s Hard Questions with Lori Deschene

Answering Life’s Hard Questions with Lori Deschene

We are giving away two copies of Lori Deschene’s Book at the end of this interview.

About a month ago, I heard from Lori Deschene, Founder of Tiny Buddha. Lori, with her creative writing and ideas, has created a community of like-minded people which is growing every second as you read this. Her Twitter following, when I last checked, was close to 240,000. Her social network page has a “Like” rate of 70,000.

I say this not to express how great a communicator she is (although that will be true), but to highlight the sheer power of will and passion. After having worked with 100 employers, she is here to share a piece of her life with us. A must-read, especially if you’re planning to go solo in your professional life. Click Here to Read Article …

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Win $75 Voucher Toward Free Printing of Your Choice

It’s the dawn of festive season and most of us are thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions. At Workawesome, we’ve made resolutions a little easier for you to follow. If reviving your brand with fine marketing or solid networking is one of your goals for 2012, don’t miss this awesome offer for free printing services from Next Day Flyers! We’re glad to partner with Next Day Flyers which are an online printing company with 99.7% ontime deliveries, certified recycled materials and 33 quality checkpoint inspection.  Click Here to Read Article …

Giveaway: Win 1000 High Quality Business Cards

Hello there!

So, October’s here and we thought it’d be nice to start it with a cool contest.

America’s Green Printing Company, 1-800Postcards.com, and Workawesome bring you chance to win 1000 business cards. Four lucky pants will win a pack of 250 customised business cards of their choice.

1-800 Postcards is known as a top-tier producer of offset and digital printing. They use premium, extra heavy, earth friendly papers as the stock for their basic digital printing. 1-800 Postcards use soy based inks in offset and top of the line equipment. Their emphasis is on the highest quality printing possible.

So do you want to leave a professional, lasting impression with custom-made business cards from 1-800Postcards? Then just leave a comment below and enter your chance into winning this sweet deal! Click Here to Read Article …

End Malaria — Have You Got Your Copy Yet?

Did you know that every 45 seconds a child dies from Malaria?

At WorkAwesome, we love supporting genuine causes. And what’s more genuine than a book that doesn’t just speak of saving lives, but does?

Meet End Malaria, the cool new book by bestselling author Michael Bungay Stanier with other business thinkers, which is out this September. The book, published by The Domino Project, saves people’s lives–literally. I can finally say, here’s a book that you WILL love while you do your bit to show your goodness toward humanity. Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway: Win 250 High Quality Business Cards

Hey you, WorkAwesome + UPrinting is throwing a cool giveaway — 3 people will get to win 250 awesome die-cut business cards ($70 value).

Do you want to get creative with your business? Then give these unique business cards a try. For free!
Click Here to Read Article …

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