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Office Music — Yay or Nay?

There are always two sides to an issue, and listening to music in the office is no different. Although this seems like a somewhat simple problem, I have discovered through my research that employees are constantly complaining about office music rules.

If you want to get the legality side of the issue, every employee has the right to work in an environment where they feel comfortable. Therefore, the music situation has been solved with headphones — or so I thought. As it turns out, there are still problems with both the music enthusiasts and the office music cynics.

Whether you are the employee who is unhappy with the music, the employee who is unhappy with the lack thereof, or the employer trying to figure out what’s best for the office, it is important to understand both sides to the issue. There are solutions, but part of the solution entails understanding where each party is coming from in their opinions. Consider both sides to the story below: Click Here to Read Article …

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Win $75 Voucher Toward Free Printing of Your Choice

It’s the dawn of festive season and most of us are thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions. At Workawesome, we’ve made resolutions a little easier for you to follow. If reviving your brand with fine marketing or solid networking is one of your goals for 2012, don’t miss this awesome offer for free printing services from Next Day Flyers! We’re glad to partner with Next Day Flyers which are an online printing company with 99.7% ontime deliveries, certified recycled materials and 33 quality checkpoint inspection.  Click Here to Read Article …

How to Focus Your Energy Like a Laser Beam

The best most people can do is AVERAGE. (After all, isn’t that the definition of average?) So when you can freely operate at your optimum and know how to focus like a laser beam, outshining others becomes easy.

You can achieve your goals faster, and with fewer struggles.

Society consistently rewards those who master peak performance. When you have the extra “oomph” that gives you superior results, people are quick to give you respect, admiration, and power. Click Here to Read Article …

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What Do Job Hunting and Dating Have in Common?

Finding the perfect partner can be a daunting task…but it’s not unlike a process you might be very familiar with: job hunting. Much like a romantic relationship, job hunting starts with a first impression (like a first date) and is full of the same hurdles you’ll face in the dating world. How do you find the perfect company (or perfect partner)? What kind of company (or type of person) is best for you?

Considering how you look for a romantic partner may help point the way to finding the right employment match. And considering how much time you may end up spending at work, finding the right fit makes it just as important.

There are lots of different ways to connect. So, what’s your style? Click Here to Read Article …

An Out of this World Cure for Performance Punishment

A few months ago, I posted a piece describing the phenomenon known as Performance Punishment.

While most who read it could relate all too well, a few said it was depressing as it hit a little too close to home.

So instead of leaving readers with merely a description of the symptoms of performance punishment, I promised them and myself I would follow up with a prescription for the cure.

For help, I turned to the advice of my own career mentors, drew from the comments of readers who responded to my post as it appeared on WorkAwesome.com and the always steadfast, insightful crew of the Starship Enterprise.  Yes, I mean Captain Kirk, Bones and the crew from Star Trek (the original TV series)! Click Here to Read Article …

How Lifelong Learning Can Open New Doors in Your Career

So many business professionals are focused on the top that they forget they need to stay current on the job they already have. We forget that we need to be able to do our job to the best of our ability before we can begin to climb the ladder. If we’re set on promotion, we also need to stay current and be thought leaders for where we are now. This is where Lifelong Learning comes into play.

Lifelong learners already know what’s going on in their field. They’re the ones who have subscriptions to professional journals, and they’re the ones who announce to the office the latest in technologies. Human Resources departments love them, and so they’re the ones who get the promotions.

Click Here to Read Article …

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What You Must Know Before You Invest in Life Insurance

Editor’s Note: Information contributed by Genworth Financial.

My husband and I have just had our first child. All of a sudden we find ourselves catapulted into the unknown, from the micro to the macro. Everything is new to us from the diapers, to the (lack of) sleep schedule, to the re-budgeting of our expenses.

We find ourselves thinking about finances a lot more than we used to. And it has occurred to me that one of the benefits of being together for a long time is that our finances have had time to knit themselves together. Sometimes, I rhetorically think to myself that falling in love might be easier than deciding on things like joint bank accounts – although that is debatable. Click Here to Read Article …

Qigong: Stand Up and Recharge Yourself

You’re more than just a brain in a jar. Sometimes, though, we get sucked into working in a way that makes us feel that way. Almost everything you are taught to do in school growing up utilizes the thinking part of your mind and most of us equate our professional worth, to some degree, with our ability to be sharp analytically. That’s fine for some things, but in the qigong world there is a saying that captures this basic problem: “The brain eats the body.” Too much mental work can literally suck up the chi of your body, stealing energy from much needed rest and recovery processes. Click Here to Read Article …

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Online Learning: How to Make the Best Out of it

Busy professionals like you are relying more on online learning to gain and hone new and existing skills. You can learn at your own pace and do it anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection.

You read blogs and e-mail newsletters to keep abreast of latest trends in your industry. You read both free and paid e-books and even pay for an e-course to acquire new skills. You are so “social” that you use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus to network and get tips from the gurus in your field.

Whether free or paid, there’s no denying that information overload is a burden. How can you learn anything if there’s too much noise over the Internet? How do you navigate through the web so can acquire the information you need and ignore useless stuff?  Here are some tips to make the most use of online learning. Click Here to Read Article …

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Coworking Space: Sharing How We Work Part II

Coworking Space

Editor’s note: This is a continuation of the 2-part series. You can read Part I here.

How to Find a Coworking Space

Try coworking portals and directories for the widest selection possible. Accessible on the web or through a mobile phone app, these directories help you to search not only available standalone coworking spaces, but also dynamic small companies offering shared workspaces and open desks. This gives you more options for finding a spot to work, especially if your city or town doesn’t offer a coworking space. Think of it as matchmaking. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Be a Successful Telemarketer

Telemarketing jobs are very common nowadays. And this is not really a surprise, considering that it creates an opportunity for individuals who are having a hard time in getting a job.  After all, you don’t need a degree to work as a telemarketer, and it is one of the highest-paid online jobs today. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Tips Before Quitting a Job (or Breaking Up With It)

Quitting a job

It’s just before the holidays, so break-ups are in high gear. It usually ends up like this: Someone breaks someone else’s heart, that someone else is devastated but quickly finds a new love, the heart breaker is confused. People spend a lot of time feeling sorry for the person who is left alone, but consider the person doing the heart-breaking.

In most cases, this isn’t the easiest decision, and once the decision is made, deciding how to break the news is no less than stressful. It’s very difficult to leave something you once loved behind, and then expect to suddenly feel confident and relaxed. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the heart breaker’s troubles do not stop at his/her love life—this nervous feeling unfortunately also occurs during a business break-up. Click Here to Read Article …

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