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Success Plan 2012 — Part 3: Stay Connected & Visible

Editor’s Note: Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

In an insecure world of work, where job security is a thing of the past, you obviously want to stay connected with the right people and avoid the traumas of financial dislocation that come with unanticipated job change.

All clear-headed professionals, as a matter of enlightened self-interest, need to learn and apply the practical career survival strategies that will give them greater control over their destinies and better tools for staying in their jobs.

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How to Stay Alert & Refreshed: 6 Ways

We all know what it feels like to stay up too late and struggle to stay alert the next morning.

Some common causes for tiredness in the workplace are keeping odd hours, a bad diet, too much or too little exercise, caffeine addiction, alcohol abuse and, poor sleeping patterns.

It is important to first establish the reasons behind why we get tired because it can help determine the factors that need changing to combat the lethargy.

As you will see, altering your behavior will help change the results of the next day. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Go Paperless: 8 Ways

Why should you go paperless? Is it even possible? The short answer, yes but it’s very difficult. With some diligence and flexibility to change your old ways, you can have a pretty big impact.

Let’s assume that you’re over the whole ‘go green’ initiative since recycling placates your conscience and the whales are safe, thanks to Drew Barrymore and that guy from The Office.  The environmental effects of going paperless will be secondary to the impact on your bottom line.  The more important and better question is: How much can you save by going paperless? Click Here to Read Article …

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Crisis Cruising – an Extreme Sport?

The crisis is the most blessed situation that may occur for countries and persons alike, because it leads to evolution. It’s during crisis that great inventions, discoveries and strategies are born. Without crisis there is no struggle, without struggle life is a tedious routine, an irksome agony. Without crisis there is no value”  ~ Albert Einstein

Life is shifting around us, inside and through us, in a surprising, unpredictable way.  After the consumerist frenzy of recent years, the stunning growth rates, overall enthusiasm and boom investments, suddenly the public agenda gave rise to austerity, bankruptcy and economic recession. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Keep Motivated During the Dog Days of Work

It’s a story to which many people can probably relate: A few months after I started at a new job, the excitement of the new opportunity had begun to pass, I had finished my first few major projects, and the arrival of summer began to divert my attention elsewhere. Suddenly, after being highly motivated since getting hired, I felt lethargic and slow in the office. My procrastination levels rose and my productivity faltered. Click Here to Read Article …

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Success Plan 2012 – Part 2: Protect Your Job and Boost Your Employability

Editor’s Note: Read Part 1 here.

Do you know why your job exists or what ensures your employability? Strip away all the window dressing and at its core, your job exists for one simple reason: to identify, prevent, and solve problems within an area of responsibility, in order to help the company make money, save money, or otherwise improve productivity. Click Here to Read Article …

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Review: MindMaple — Generate Awesome Ideas with a Mind Map

For many, one of the most stressful things about work is just that—all the work. In such an up-and-down economy, businesses don’t always have the size of staff they need, so employees are forced to take on extra roles and juggle extra responsibilities. Even if your work is simple and straightforward, life can get complicated because of the many other responsibilities that go along with it—driving the kids to school, cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, buying your sister her birthday present, and somewhere in there you have to find time for a shower. Fortunately, there are “mind mapping tools” available to help everyday people to plan efficiently, brainstorm ideas and do mind dumps. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Offer an Awesome Customer Support

In an ideal world, your customers would communicate with you only during business hours. They would peruse your website before calling you about anything, and place online orders – which you’d gleefully fill while enjoying your morning coffee. You’d never get a crabby email clearly demanding customer support, and you could disconnect your phones.

Unfortunately, the ideal world is far from reality. Your customers are anywhere in the world. They have questions about everything, including things that you’ve painstakingly outlined on your website. They’ll email you when you are closed and leave you a needy voicemail before you’ve had the opportunity to respond. Then, while you’re solving the problem, your Live Chat window will pop open, demanding your immediate attention. Click Here to Read Article …