5 Links to Boost Your Facebook Marketing Leverage

These days, it seems like everyone from celebrities to small businesses has a Facebook page. If you’re going to market on Facebook, though, it pays to spend the time working out a solid strategy. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and shooting status updates into a black hole. Sure, you could always automate your Facebook page, but giving it that personal interaction and paying attention to your users will often give you a higher ROI.

Here are five articles that offer insights into effective Facebook marketing leverage:

10 Musts for Marketing to Women on Facebook

Though this Mashable piece is geared towards companies that want to market specifically to women, many of the tips (like “Keep Your Fans in the Loop” and “Complement, Don’t Complicate”) apply universally.

15 Status Update Ideas for Your Company Page on Facebook

Muse away on summer vacation and not sure what to write on your company’s Facebook page? The blogger behind Ask the Copy Bitch offers several ideas that focus on the consumer, not your company’s sales goals.

How to Target Your Facebook Ad

Not everyone needs to spend money on Facebook ads. But if you or your company is planning on buying ads, this article offers some excellent ideas about targeting according to education, gender, birthday, and more. After all, hyper-targeting is one of the main appeals of Facebook ads.

Are You Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Business?

Our  sister site, FreelanceSwitch, examines the usefulness (or not) of Facebook ads. Check out the comments for even more insights on this hot topic.

10 Ways to Create a More Engaging Facebook Page

This post offers a solid, albeit basic primer on Facebook pages, including using contests, tagging fans, creating an eye-catching landing page, and more.

*Do you or your company use Facebook? What strategies have you found most useful?

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  1. Greg on the 15th November

    Great articles!
    I’m new to Facebook marketing and I’ve tried to understand the whole concept of marketing and advertising on a social network. I’ve understood that I need a clear strategy and not to rush thing before I understand what I’m doing, and why. Appreciate you advice on targeting Facebook ads because this is something I don’t yet master.

  2. DBro on the 12th June

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