Top 10 Coolest PowerPoint Slideshows on Slideshare

As the World’s Best Presentation contest on SlideShare comes to a close, we thought we’d share with you our thoughts on the top ten coolest PowerPoint slideshows. We’ve already featured Jesse DesJardins — and he sets the bar pretty high — so while he’s not on this list, you should check out his work. It was used as a benchmark of sorts when this list was put together.

The “coolness” factor is based no information given and in the manner in which it is delivered. There’s a mix of traditional presentations along with some of the more “graphical” ones that are becoming very popular. Since the hallmark of a great presentation is for it to convey a message on its own, we’re going to let each one do just that.

1. Ten Things CEOs Need to Know About Design

2. Death by PowerPoint

3. What’s killing your brand?

4.  100 Day System: Where Creativity and Productivity Collide

5. SMOKE – The Convenient Truth

6. Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking @ WebExpo Prague 2010

7. Tips on How to Pitch

8. Leading Without Seeing: managing distributed teams

9. The Zen Aesthetic

10. BROKEN MEETINGS (and how you’ll fix them)

Are there any other presentations on SlideShare that you think we’ve overlooked? Let us know in the comments.

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Mike Vardy an editor on Work Awesome. We could tell you where his personal productivity parody site, Eventualism and all of his other projects reside on the web, but you'd be best served going to and following the trail of virtual bread crumbs from there.


  1. Vivek Parmar on the 20th November

    really must watch for every entrepreneur. 10 things ceo need to design, kills ur brand
    must be known before taking any intiative.
    deep study of ur market is very necessary to get maximum from it.

  2. Byron on the 20th November

    I’m flattered to see that you included my presentation in your picks (Tips on how to pitch).

    Thank you very much, I hope everyone enjoys it and it helps all of you in the future.

    • Reiko Iskandar on the 22nd September

      Loved this presentation especially since I’m doing a PR related presentation this coming week. Thanks!

    • Deepak on the 5th June

      Byron, you rock dude !!! it was a killer presentation and quite hard hitting. I loved it !!

  3. Tong Teets on the 20th November

    Wow, that is truly amazing dude.

  4. Jesse on the 21st November


    Devastated that mine didn’t make your list 🙁


    • Mike Vardy on the 21st November


      To be honest – we just featured yours which is why it didn’t get mentioned again here. But I did adjust the text of the article to mention you anyway. After all, I can’t just choose one of yours! Maybe a future article will be “Top 10 PowerPoint Presentations on SlideShare by Jesse Dee.” 🙂

    • Byron on the 21st November

      Jesse, yours needs no introduction!

      I really like how you used the imagery to support that much needed message.

    • Jesse on the 21st November

      Sorry, only-child syndrome came out of me just then 🙂

      It’s really great that you put this list together, because they are really good and without a lot of votes most people wouldn’t see them.

  5. David Brier on the 21st November

    Thanks very much for including our slideshow, “What’s Killing Your Brand (and how to kill it before it kills you).”

    It’s an honor and makes all the hard work worth it.

    What’s more gratifying is that over 4,0000 people have viewed it within 12 days of its unveiling.

    Thanks again. More coming real soon.

  6. Peach on the 22nd November

    Thanks for the list. This is super useful especially in this master degree end of term period. I have 2 presentations coming up and I will be utilizing some of these awesome slides elements to apply it onto mine slides.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Beto on the 24th November

    Awesome Mike! I like it. What’s killing your brand is my favorite from this list, and managing distributed teams in second position. Thanks for sharing. If you want to see other colorful background I’d suggest to take a look at fppt, they have some good and bad designs, but deserve to take a look (for backgrounds, only).

    • David Brier on the 27th November

      Thanks so much for the compliment on “What’s Killing Your Brand (and how to kill it before it kills you).” I premiered this at this year’s annual American Marketing Association conference in Minneapolis to rave reviews and decided to make it available to everyone. Thanks for sharing it around as well. As a result, it’s gotten over 5,000 views in 20 days since uploading it to slideshare.

  8. Andy Van Laer on the 24th November

    Great stuff! As a SlideShare follower and user I knew a couple but amazed to see great new ones!

    @Jesse: great stuff too 🙂

  9. Yancey Unequivocally on the 27th November

    Wow Mike,

    Cory and I want to thank you very much for putting our presentation on your Top 10 List! We are very humbled and grateful for you to chose our presentation. We hope that it touches many of lives around the world. Because of you sharing, the entire world will see our presentation. Thank you again for your passion and willingness to serve others. Many blessings to all. Yancey U

  10. Danna on the 28th December

    Always be sure to do a grammar check as well as spell check.

    Presentation number 8 – Leading Without Seeing.

    Slide #25 – Last sentence.

    It will make the presenter look bad, and you will ‘lose’ part of your audience.

  11. Buddhika on the 20th June

    Visit and ask them to make a presentation.

  12. David Brier on the 31st January

    Pumped that “What’s Killing Your Brand (and how to kill it before it kills you) has just exceeded over 70,000 views! Thank you for your inclusion and thrilled to be part of it!

    I am regularly pumping out more tips and strategies almost every week. You’re invited to subscribe:

    Thanks again!

    David Brier

  13. Sam on the 18th March

    Death by PowerPoint is a all time winner.

    We have featured that in our presentation site blog as well

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