UCreative: A New Social Network for Creative Professionals

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Have you ever had the need to belong? Be with people who share the same interest, talk about the same thing and learn from their experiences? Isn’t it one of the reasons behind the success of social media?

Social media has come a long way. It has made it possible for us to reach certain groups of people in a faster, more efficient manner. It has also made it easier for us to communicate like never before.

There are networks catering to a specific group of people, bloggers, people in their 20’s and much more. Many sites offer helpful features for artists and designers too. Most of them focus on creative portfolios, some on graphic design forums. Made us think: Why not get the best of both?

This is UPrinting’s inspiration behind the re-launch of UCreative network. It is our response to the need of getting as much information and inspiration about all things creative, all things beautiful. We’ve been supporting independent and networked creatives all this time and we know we can do more.

As a company devoted in helping small businesses, freelancers and designers, it is our honor to finally come up with a network for creative professionals; a network where you can finally say, I belong.

After a long time of researching and brainstorming, we’ve finally came up with specific features that will cater to the needs of every creative.

Showoff: Gallery of Designs

As a spin up on the regular portfolio site, we came up with the idea of showcasing all the designs instead. All images uploaded on your profile becomes your very own gallery, simply classify them by adding tags and using albums. You can also view the works of other creatives and ask for critiques too!

Since we’re encouraging everyone to give their best, we feature distinct works that caught our attention (in a good way of course) every week. Now that’s a lot of fame!

Ask and Get Answers: Forums

So, you have a specific question: Is my idea good enough? What will be the best tablet for me? How can I promote my blog? This will be the best place to add those queries and get the most honest yet constructive answers. You can join several conversations among fellow creative professionals and talk just about anything. Discuss about your style, your passion or your insights and even start a topic that will create a good buzz for you.

I’m telling you, it is fun to get opinion from people you don’t even know but honestly do care. You can even start your own forum where hundreds of other creatives will be happy to join.

Personalize: Profile

Ok, so you have your blog, website or portfolio perhaps but hey this is a better chance of getting exposed. Update your profile and create your very own portfolio right within UCreative! Tell them who you are, what you can do and how you do it.

You can even add applications, RSS and of course make friends!

Be Heard: Post Your Own Status and Blog

It’s always fun to share how you feel and know what others feel too. One thing about the network is you’ll see the latest update not only from your friends but from everybody else. Hey, you can post comments and “like” ‘em too!

You can even use this option to be known and promote yourself.

Be Informed: Creative Blogs

This section has the freshest design news from our blog partners. Get new ideas, learn new design techniques, and find worthwhile inspiration all in one place.

YouTheDesigner, Naldz Graphics and The Photo Argus are just a few of the good design sites whom we partner with and of course we’re working with more (so go and be a member now!).

So, who else are here?

  • Graphic Artists
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Photographers
  • Bloggers
  • Illustrators and Painters
  • Interior and Furniture Designers
  • Performing Artists (Dancers, musicians, actors, etc)
  • Fashion Enthusiasts
  • Layout Artists
  • Simply creative at heart

We know how hard it is to get the job done and how difficult it is to implement the final design or plan. Besides, we all need help right? So let’s work together and maximize what social media has to offer.

So join the social network for creative professionals. UCreative is definitely a great new site where you can learn, share, find new friends and have fun. Simply, go to UCreative and sign up now.

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