Awesome Links #34: Pomodoro Technique, Changing Habits

This week’s Awesome Links offers insights on The Pomodoro Technique, successfully changing habits and how to work in multiple time zones without missing a beat.

Managing Money, Time, Energy, and Information: Five Powerful Tactics from My Own Recent Experience
In this article, Trent from the acclaimed The Simple Dollar blog talks about the steps he took after his wife returned to a full-time job. He discusses how he had to manage his kids, work and information. The very first tip – which talks about keeping a bedside notebook – struck a chord with me. While I might replace the notebook with a tool like Evernote on my iPod touch, the concept remains the same.

The Pomodoro Technique: Is It Right For You?
I had come across The Pomodoro Technique of time management a few months ago, and tried it successfully to improve my productivity levels. This “work for 25 minutes, then take break for five minutes” method could work wonders if you find it really hard to even get started with work. But, should you use it each day? Is it the right one for you? This post by Lifehack blog discusses all of this — and more.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Working Across Multiple Time Zones
Being a web worker myself, I can understand that handling multiple time zones is never easy. This post on the Web Worker Daily blog offers some useful advice on how to best manage different time zones while staying sane. Worth a read.

The Spiral of Successful Habits
Quitting a bad habit and adopting a good one can be a very difficult thing to do. Leo from Zen Habits suggests that you begin with just one habit. He says it’s manageable and doable…and once you successfully overcome it, you will know how to change habits effectively.

Do You Think Selling Is Easy? Think Again!
Finally, we have Daniel from Daily Blog Tips offering a realistic view of selling on the Internet (or just selling for that matter). Daniel talks about his personal experience of selling an ebook and how – in spite of a great site and huge audience – he couldn’t sell as many copies as he had expected. Some nuggets of wisdom there for sure.

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