Top 5 Task Management Programs for Small Businesses

Task management

When it comes to running a small company effectively, task management is one of the keys to success. For many years, however, small business owners have had to deal with the added expense of hiring an IT expert to upgrade and maintain licensed software across their computer networks, which is why they are always looking for ways to cut this cost.

Fortunately, business software is much more affordable now that cloud-based applications give users a number of powerful tools that can be synced with desktops and mobile computing devices. Best of all, most apps can be scaled according to a company’s demand, which means that owners no longer have to worry about paying thousands of dollars for software features they don’t need.

Here are some cool task management programs for small companies by computing and business news sources for their rich features, affordability and ease of use:

1. bizodo (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

This web-based app enables companies to build and share online forms with ease, which is important for keeping track of group projects. Moreover, the program comes with encryption software to protect sensitive data, along with a cloud-based storage system to reduce hard drive space. Bizodo also offers three subscription tiers for companies that need more resources.

2. Do (iPhone)

Business owners are probably surprised that there is an app that enables them to manage team projects through their iPhones, but Do is designed for this purpose. Through its simple interface, users can create a task, assign it to another person, and can even add comments. Do also offers a website that allows users to manage tasks from their desktops.

3. Producteev (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows)

Another web-based task management app, Producteev can retrieve data from E-mail, Google Calendar, and Instant Messaging programs to help users keep track of deadlines and other important notices. They also offer multiple pricing tiers for additional storage. Best of all, Producteev provides custom scenarios to help users decide how to make the most out of its features.

4. Chandler (Firefox, IE, Safari)

For business owners who want more control, Chandler enables them to manage complex tasks while still remaining simple enough for new users. This open-source application can import data from a number of other programs such as Google Calendar, and it also features E-mail collaboration, note-taking and file sharing. In fact, there is very little that it cannot do when it comes to keeping track of things.

5. Gmail (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, iPhone, Android)

Gmail has for years been a popular web-based e-mail host, but few people realize that it can also manage their daily tasks. The task box appears at the bottom right corner of the browser to enable users to create lists or generate tasks directly from their e-mail. Although business owners might need a more robust app to manage larger projects, the fact that most users already have this program makes it great for everyday organizing.

Since all these task management programs are free, even those who have recently obtained their business degree and are busy starting up a new company will have no trouble obtaining them, and since cutting costs is vital to staying afloat as a growing business, these apps are the way to go when it comes to budgeting for software.

What other programs do you use for task management? Share with us!

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  1. andy on the 7th May


    A project that is so dead that it has had dead-tree books written about it?


  2. Himali on the 7th May

    Nice post, another tool you can also take a look at is DeskAway. Simple & easy to use project management software.

  3. Daniel on the 7th May

    Including some links would be really convenient.
    I tried searching, but “do iphone app” isn’t such a rewarding Google query :/

  4. Jeff on the 7th May

    This might sound a little outdated, but at LessMeeting we have whiteboards all over our office. We use one of them that’s in the middle of the team as our task board so everyone can see who’s working on what.

    Simple & cost effective

  5. Mike Drew on the 8th May

    I’m also a bit surprised at the inclusion of Chandler 🙂

    Another web-based project management tool you should try out is HappyTODOS. With an intuitive interface making it easy to re-order tasks and projects (which automatically changes priorities and estimations, of course) and an easy-to-understand dashboard so you can see at any given point how your projects are doing – it’s a good choice for any size of project.

  6. Jonathon Ende on the 9th May

    Thanks for the love! The mission at bizodo is to be the easiest way online to collect and manage info!

  7. Ilija Brajković on the 10th May

    We use Asana, and we love it!

  8. Jeff Kear on the 10th May

    Good article on some basic tools for managing tasks and projects. There are dozens of excellent tools out there, but to be honest, what a small business first needs to do is to first evaluate what they need to manage first before even starting to consider a tool.

    For example, some small companies may online need something to manage tasks and calendars, while others need to manage those things plus files and timesheets, while yet others need additional tools to manage communications and finances (which goes a bit beyond project management).

    I run a company that provides a business and project management tool for small businesses and I will be the first to admit that our tool isn’t for every small business. If you only need simple task management, or might work great. If you need a bit more, Planning Pod or might be more of what you need. And if you are a larger organization, a more enterprise-based solution with more involved tracking and functionality may be in store.

    It all depends on your needs, so if I were looking for task and project management software, I would first decide what I need to manage and then look for the tool that lets me do it easily.

    Thanks for the ideas and for starting the conversation.

    • Alex Rock on the 10th July

      I agree, Basecamp had used a fairly simple to use and intuitive, but to see the difference in project management systems need to try and test the free version. In many known systems working together have free versions, for example on is implemented well. Or you can search for other systems.

  9. Luke W on the 10th May

    Hi, I’m Luke – and, straight up disclaimer – this is a plug for the software my employer makes, but it’s good, honest!

    We’re an ideal solution for small to medium businesses who need an all in one integrated solution that can manage a project, service or product development process from ideation right through to delivery. All the tools you need to get employees collaborating, capturing and working with data to deliver results are available straight out of the box without needing to integrate multiple solutions. We’re very reasonably priced for small business, and offer a free version for up to three users.

    So, thanks – check us out and let us know what you think – we thrive on feedback!



    Community Manager

  10. John on the 22nd May

    I’ll love Organisr. It’s simple and easy to use plus it allows you to create 5 dashboards at a time for free and you can share items/lists/dashboards with your colleagues or team mates.

  11. 周興安 on the 23rd May

    This might sound a little outdated, but at LessMeeting we have whiteboards all over our office. We use one of them that’s in the middle of the team as our task board so everyone can see who’s working on what.Good article on some basic tools for managing tasks and projects. There are dozens of excellent tools out there, but to be honest, what a small business first needs to do is to first evaluate what they need to manage first before even starting to consider a tool.

  12. 楊斯婷 on the 24th May

    Thanks for your shared. But hope you could provide some related link or teach us how to use that let anybody can easy to use. And could classify these programs, for example, Gmail maybe can use to beginners. For most of small business, capital is a huge gap, they usually don’t have more money to use. Thanks again for your shared!

  13. Roxanne on the 29th May

    I read review of Producteev by Justin Stravarius dated September 21st 2010 and this review by Bethany. They both talked about Producteev having these scenarios that help you set things up for the way you want to use the product (e.g., Family, Startup, Freelancer, etc.) I can’t find anything like this on the Producteev website or in the “help” after I signed up for the product.

    I tried doing a chat and the person I talked to (he claimed to be the CEO) had no idea what I was talking about.

    Can anyone out there help me?

    • Bethany on the 30th May

      Hi Roxanne, you can find some customization options in the support database, such as how to customize display, reporting and creating new workspaces:

      Hope that helps.

  14. Sarah H on the 1st June

    A good addition to the list is, especially if your business does not currently have the huge bucks to shell out for a task management solution. It is very versatile and can be applied to any area of business with a little creativity.

  15. Greg on the 5th June

    suggest: UnKill Life Time
    it’s productivity booster

    best regards

  16. TUMA on the 17th October

    TeamPlay is a central activity management software with an integrated time logging feature – applicable in any business sector. Initially it has been developed for our own needs, a software company specialized in individual software development, which means managing multiple projects and tasks. The time logging feature is very helpful when it comes to client billing. Mobile app and modular expansions are also available.

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