Do You Have an Intern from Hell?

Ah, summertime in the northern hemisphere!

If your company takes on interns this is the time of year where you’ve got your share of college kids walking around the office in their only pair of crumpled slacks and inappropriate shoes.

By the average office standards, my “intern shoes” weren’t exactly inappropriate. But by the standards of my employer, a Madison Avenue boutique public relations firm, my shoes and the rest of my wardrobe were offensively unfashionable. But this was the least of their worries. I officially became the intern from hell on the day I unintentionally mixed up the press clippings from 2 brands that had very similar names – let’s call them Soda and Soda A. There were hundreds of clippings! I realized this soon after I ended my contract (as opposed to my contract being ended for me);it must have taken my supervisors quite a while to sort out everything.

How about you, have you been an intern from hell or have you had one in your office?

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  1. Shane J on the 4th August

    Thanks for mentioning the hemisphere. Gets kind of tedious reading blogs where everyone is talking about hot it is outside at the moment!

    My internship was at a local television news company in the UK (I’m in New Zealand now) – I was supposed to hang around and fetch and carry stuff, but they used me in a ‘public reaction’ piece where they couldn’t find any members of the public who could string a sentence together.

    They then used it again and again, I was all over the news. It was horrible. The great thing is that I learned very rapidly that television news wasn’t going to be my line of work.

  2. Ana da Silva on the 5th August

    It seems like you’re the one who had an internship from hell but it wasn’t a little fun being “famous”? 🙂

  3. Kuswanto on the 6th August

    Nope never got one.

  4. Esteban on the 22nd February

    I miss wearing my inappropriate converse shoes at work

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