Manage Your Drinks at the Holiday Party

I can’t wait for the holiday party, either. The food is good. Everyone seems to have a good time. It’s a great way to actually relax with the people at work.

I have a new holiday tie picked out for the occasion. Rudolph’s nose actually glows. Hey, it’s the holiday party. There’s room for some frivolity in the dress code. But I’m drawing the line at antlers.

I even did some homework on holiday party small talk. Mingle all the way.

This is going to be so fun. Hey remember last year when Bob from accounting kept asking everyone to sit on his lap for some “Ho, Ho, Ho?” There’s an example of how too much punch can deliver a knockout punch to your career advancement.

Let’s not make that mistake. Let’s be careful even though we don’t want to look like teatotalers. Sometimes it feels awkward being the only one not holding a drink, but there are ways to keep clear heads:

  • Respect the mocktail: Virgin daquiris or margaritas are basicaly smoothies with umbrellas. No one will know it’s zero proof. If you’re trying to look more manly or there is no blender, drop a lime wedge in any glass of soft drink.
  • Sip not slam: Nurse that drink like it’s on its death bed. Say no to shots of anything.
  • Go easy on the hard stuff: Beer and wine are pretty consistent with alcohol level as opposed to the mixed drinks that can get more potent as the night goes on.
  • Or water down well drinks: A mixed drink isn’t so bad if you ask for a not-so-strong version. And as you sip, the ice is melting and making it weaker.

Have a good time. But remember you’re trying to impress your coworkers — not the bartender.


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