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Manage Your Drinks at the Holiday Party

I can’t wait for the holiday party, either. The food is good. Everyone seems to have a good time. It’s a great way to actually relax with the people at work.

I have a new holiday tie picked out for the occasion. Rudolph’s nose actually glows. Hey, it’s the holiday party. There’s room for some frivolity in the dress code. But I’m drawing the line at antlers.

I even did some homework on holiday party small talk. Mingle all the way.
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Secret Santa 101: 5 Great Rules to Gift By

Well, December is here.

As the year comes closer to an end, the current atmosphere around the workplace falls somewhere between ultra-stressed for some and collective relief for others. It’s more likely that if you’re reading this post you’re feeling more of a sense of accomplishment, mixed with optimism for what’s to come — and perhaps a little dash of regret as well. To that end, the holiday season has begun, and if your office is like so many others you’re holding a piece of paper with someone’s name on it that reminds you as much.

That’s because you’re their Secret Santa.
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A Cube Farm Christmas Party Tale

Come sit by the warmth of the data center, co-workers. I have a Cube Farm Christmas tale to tell. I know those are the new wrinkle-free khakis you’re wearing and that you’ve been taking long lunches at hot yoga, so don’t act like you can’t sit cross-legged around my ergonomically correct chair…


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How to Survive the Office Holiday Party

Hey, am I going to see you at the holiday party?

You can’t miss it. It’s the nicest thing management does for us. It almost makes up for the low pay and the frustration we experience the rest of the year. You deserve it.

Plus it looks good. Management will be there. They don’t just see you at the party as a guest but a team player. You’re getting along with the rest of the team, and you’re showing appreciation for this grand gesture. Yeah, you need to clear your schedule for this.

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