Productive Kitchen Gadgets #3: Immersion Hand Blender

Being productive in the kitchen is a priority in our household. The next productive kitchen gadget that I would like to feature is the immersion hand blender. How often have you had to quickly blend up something? I use this gadget for mixing up a quick smoothie or a protein shake. It is also great to puree solid food into a liquid mixture for a baby’s digestive system. It’s also handy when you want to whip up some heavy cream into whipped cream for your dessert.

The version pictured above and to the right comes with a handy cup for blending, but you can use any container that you have in your kitchen. Believe me, the uses are endless for this versatile kitchen gadget.

One of the best features with this kitchen tool is that it is extremely easy to clean. Just a quick warm rinse under your faucet and you are done. Talk about time savings. If you want to add a handy kitchen gadget to your arsenal you should definitely consider the immersion hand blender.

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  1. Ana da Silva on the 18th September

    I had one of these and it was great! Just don’t blend anything in a shallow bowl or your kitchen will be covered in whatever’s in the bowl!

    • Bob Bessette on the 19th September

      I hear what you are saying Ana. This is a great gadget if used properly. 🙂


  2. Ryan on the 18th September

    I have a Cuisinart hand blender that came with a few attachments: A whisk (perfect for some quick whipped cream), and a mini food processor bowl and blade.

    I mostly make soups and salsa’s with it (and quite often, too).

    • Bob Bessette on the 19th September

      Hi Ryan,
      I hear you on the using it for soups. It works great for that purpose. I also use it for protein shakes and, like you mentioned, whipping up some heavy cream to use as a whipping cream for Irish Coffees or desserts.


  3. Bryan Thompson on the 18th September

    Bob, these are great! We use it too sometimes. They make for excellent smoothies! With three little kids who wake up by 6 am every day of their lives, we have found you still can’t go wrong with the good old fashioned coffee pot!

    • Bob Bessette on the 19th September

      Hi Bryan,
      I agree. Thank goodness for the old fashioned coffee pot. I am long past the days of little kids. My youngest is a sophomore in high school and just wait, you’ll be there in no time!


  4. Erica McGillivray on the 21st September

    I have one and love it. Great for soups, frosting, salad dressings, and whipping up egg whites. I don’t know how I lived without out. Soup was my major draw to get one as I hated handling hot pots to pour hot soup into a blender. Plus, sometimes my blender just wasn’t big enough!

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