Strike: The Little App That Does a Lot

From the minds at ZURB (developers of the aforementioned Verify) comes Strike, a simple and effective web-based application that lets users set up to-do lists and share them with others.

Strike has an interface that is stripped down so that it just lets you create new lists, add tasks to the lists and then check tasks off in the lists as they get completed. The collaboration takes place when you share the unique URLs of each list with others. They can then work to finish items on the list as well. Progress is made through “knocking tasks down” using a combined effort. That said, you only need share the lists you want, so it makes it easy to run individual and team projects using Strike.

For those of you who have used Teux Deux before, it’s a similar approach to handling task management. But unlike Teux Deux, Strike gives users the ability to share task lists and has no sign-up or registration requirement. That’s great for those concerned about putting their personal information out on the web — and allows for users to just get started making task lists. The only thing you’ll ever have to do is put your name in so that if you share a list it indicates who knocked what task down…so first names are all that is really needed to make this work for that purpose.

In addition, the interface is somewhat customizable in terms of appearance, with three different looks to choose from. ZURB may add more customization options down the road, but it is possible that the more comprehensive app Resolve (currently in private release) will have those options rather than Strike.

Strike delivers on what it promises: quick and easy task list management with no barrier to entry. Give it a look — and then check that off of your list.

Strike: Set up tasks and knock ’em down!

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