Working Like A Deep Sea Diver

Deep sea divers strain to survive in the depths of their work environment. There’s a lot to be won in those deep waters, but they need a long, meticulous preparation ritual to ward themselves from the intense pressure of their workplace. After the job is done, it takes a long time to “decompress” from their daily routine and recover from the effort.

Surface level work can feel exactly the same. High expectations, low resources and constantly changing priorities can leave you reaching for the nearest oxygen mask. Frequently, workers struggle to hold themselves in “working stiff” mode during the week. As a result, their weekends are mostly spent “decompressing” from the past week and preparing for the next.

Deep sea diving isn’t exactly safe or healthy, but to some it’s a way of life. They wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe it’s crazy; maybe it’s just good, hard work.

Does your work ever feel like deep sea diving? Have you got a winning formula to prepare for – or recover from – the pressure of intense work? Are you the cautious kind that fishes stress-free on the surface, or do you take the plunge for the big game?

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