How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 (a.k.a. Word 7) offers a variety of brochure templates, but what if you quickly want to create your own?  This tutorial gives a thorough walkthrough on how to do just that.

Step 1

Open up Word.  You will automatically have a new blank document.  Go to Page Layout, click Margins and choose Narrow.


Step 2

Click now on Orientation and choose Landscape.


Step 3

Still on the Page Layout Tap, choose Page Color and pick a color to your liking.


Step 4

Now go to the Insert Tap and select the Text Box button. Choose Simple form the pop up window.  Since we are creating a Standard Tri-fold Brochure with the size 8.5 x 11 inch, we want the text box to be around 3.5 in. Place the text box on the right hand side. Type some text or leave the default text.




Step 5

Right click on the text box and choose Format Text Box from the bottom of the pop up window. There you can set the background and outline. I set the color and outline to none.


Step 6

While still in the Format Text Box window, choose the Text Box Tab and set the text to be align to the center of the text box.


Step 7

Go now to the Shapes button (we are still on the Insert Tab) and add a rectangle. Set the size to the lenght of the document and choose a height and fill color.  The right click and from the Order option set the box behind the text.


Step 8

Add more shapes and more text boxes. Remember that we have a trifold  brochure and we are adding therefore at least three text boxes. As a small help, you can set the default text box to three columns (Page Layout Tab). This might help you to align the added text boxes.


Step 9

Here is what we have so far. Some shapes, some text boxes with a header and a list.


Step 10

Add another text box just like we did in Step 4. Repeat this step for each brochure panel. Since we have per page three panels, you might want to add three bigger text boxes.


Step 11

This is what I have so far. Add as many elements as you want.  You can fold a trifold brochure two ways , Accordion Fold or Gate Fold.  You are looking at the outside of the brochure.



Step 12

This is the inside if we are making an accordion fold. I kept the style the same.


Step 13

Here are the two pages.  The back panel could have the contact info or the inside panel. Once you add all the text, images or any other elements, you can print your brochure on your home printer. Make sure you can print borderless. Once you printed the first pages, turn over your page and print the other page onto the paper.



This is how the brochure can look like. Nothing fancy or complicated but semi professional looking.


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  1. Hi,

    GREAT tutorial!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your tutorial. The brochure looks pretty good!


  2. Andy Griffiths on the 3rd August

    No offence but showing people “How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word 2007” is like telling someone to take a bath with a hair dryer. The outcome is going to be disastrous!

    Design should be left to the professionals and created using the correct tools, namely Adobe InDesign etc. You would not attempt to re-wire your house unless you was an electrician so why try and design a brochure if you are not a designer using design software?

    Word should be used for typing words and that is it.

  3. Jay on the 3rd August

    A brochure in word? Good luck taking that to your printer.
    I agree with Andy on this one.

    • Mark Johnson on the 18th March

      You can make a brochure on microsoft word just try…..

  4. Lyday Creative on the 3rd August

    Ack! This is painful! Andy took the words right out of my mouth. I cringe everytime I see something like this actually printed and on display. PLEASE do yourself and your company a favor and hire a professional!

  5. Nate on the 3rd August

    I’m wondering about the “printability” of documents from word, I mean does it handle bleeds, ICC-profiles and fonts in a way that would work for actual printing? Sure you could print it at home in your own printer but what about professional printers?

    I remember from when I worked in pre-press a couple of years ago, that publisher documents were a nightmare. In fact, anything from the Office suit would be a hassle.

    I agree with Andy Griffiths that you’d be better off leaving things like this to the professionals.

  6. Nott on the 4th August

    The brochure looks more than decent. If you can achieve using MS Word I don’t see why you cant use it to do simple design for office use. I see that MS is also having the intention to make it more than just like typewriter with many drawing/font decoration function added in. That’s a complement to MS since we don’t have to buy PS when we just want to design our own internal publication

  7. Simona on the 4th August

    I agree with you all, brochures and multi-page documents should be setup in InDesign or QuarkXpress and left to the professional. Yet there are people out there who want to create their own and don’t know InDesign nor Quark. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office and why not help them out a little to make their info more appealing. They won’t go to the printer, instead print it on their inkjet.

  8. Todrick on the 5th August

    I think it is okay to help individuals who do not have access to InDesign or Quark. It is also okay for them to go to printers with there files. Most printers do not turn away word or publisher files when clients walk through there doors. The majority of printers will recreate it or produce it as is. What individuals who work with Word need to know are the limitations of such software.

  9. cordereous johnson on the 24th January

    thats a good lookin brouchure

  10. Denise on the 28th April

    Simona, thank you for this. I needed to create a brochure for a nursing school class. All I have is Word–don’t have any of those other programs & don’t intend to take it to a printer. Your instructions were a great help & were much appreciated.

  11. Sohail Ahmed Meo on the 10th May

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for given us a wonderful brousher Idea.

  12. R. A. Jamison on the 25th September

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  13. R A Jamison on the 25th January

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  14. Landon R on the 19th January

    No doubt that making a brochure in Microsoft Word can be tough, as I just recently found out! I kept searching and found an online app that I like quite a bit, plus this general guide on how to make a brochure in terms of layout, design, formatting, etc. helped me get pretty far.

    Regardless of program, I think templates are a must for people like me!

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