Testing Out Gmail’s Priority Inbox

I was super-psyched when the new Priority Inbox showed up in my Gmail account earlier this week. I typically get 100+ emails on an average weekday, so even with filters and other sorting techniques, it’s hard to stay on top of my inbox.

Might Priority Inbox be the answer?

Time will tell. So far, it assumes that frequency implies importance, and that’s not necessarily the case for me. Sure, I like getting Google Alerts and Groupons daily, but those messages aren’t nearly as important as the less frequent ones from clients and editors. I’ve been marking a lot of emails as “important” (or not), so hopefully that does the trick.

I’ll report back in a week once I’ve had a chance to test drive Priority Inbox a bit more. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’ve tried it out yet. What are your initial impressions?

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  1. Milan Petrovic on the 4th September

    I am using it for the last week or so, and good thing is that it’s learning. I too noticed that more frequent emails are getting priority, but I think that Google will tweak the system when more and more users start using it. But, even now Priority Inbox is saving my time sorting through some 200 emails each day.

  2. Haziq on the 4th September

    It does look promising but it’s not working for me right now. I guess it’s because there are not many emails to work with. Over a week or two, sorting my Priority Inbox should help. Let’s see! 😉

  3. Jaap Grolleman on the 5th September

    I think it works pretty well.

  4. Mickey on the 5th September

    It seems quite cool (and rather accurate), but I’m hoping I don’t need it. I try to keep my inbox at zero, so ideally it won’t come into play.

    However, it’s certainly nice when I wake up each morning with 20-50 emails and have an easier way to dive in!

  5. Jessica Bosari on the 7th September

    I’ve been using it two days so far and love it so much I had to come back here and gush. It is definitely faster and very easy to train. You just mark an email priority and all subsequent emails from that address are automatically priority. All those newsletters I get that I like to read but don’t always have time are at the bottom. Stuff that needs to be done is always at the top. It rocks very very hard. When clearing out the stuff I have no time for today, it’s click, shift, click, delete, done (yay)! Instead of click…click…click…oh what’s this?…click…okay back to email…click…click…done (ugh!)

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