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5 Secrets to Awesome New Blog Posts

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Blogging is a legitimate descendant of journalism. In some cases, you are chronicling the events and trends of your world for your readers, and, in others, adding your opinions. In other instances, you are offering advice and a place to share opinions, insights, and help.

The major difference between you and the observers of past decades is your potentially global audience. How disheartening, then, to encounter the same challenge that journalists, commentators, and advice columnists have always risked — a blank screen and an empty fund of ideas! Here are some ways to prompt creativity. You would not be blogging if you did not have ideas — the trick is to unlock them when you need them!

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Awesome Links #6: Simplicity, Blog Writing, Time Management

Zen Habits explores what it calls the “Clean Slate Method” to simplify your life by getting rid of things you don’t need.

7 Deadly Blog Writing Sins

A must-read for bloggers, this article talks about the common mistakes bloggers make that causes a decline in their readership.

How Google Works – Infographic

A detailed infographic on the steps Google’s spiders go through before returning you those accurate results for your search queries.

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

Use Stepcase Lifehack’s quick tips on time management to make more effective use of your time.

7 Social Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Cripple Your Reputation

And lastly, our sister site Freelance Switch asks you to avoid these social marketing mistakes while finding work online.

The Value of an Unpublished Blog Post

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in the shower, at an event or reading a book when an insight strikes. A brilliant insight, at that. Quick, you must inform the Internet immediately!

So you settle in at your computer to peck out your brilliance in the form of a blog post that will surely be read by thousands of people, retweeted dozens of times and lead to your book deal. That’s how it works, right?  I mean, that’s what your English degree is for…isn’t it?

Yet what begins as a quick and steady flow of typing soon slows to a trickle. Your hands feel leaden, your mind bound. What you do type is either deleted moments later or left on the page to fester. When you re-read what you’ve written, your points feel weak and unsupported. You begin to panic. This blog post might not come to fruition after all.

Believe it or not, that may be the best thing that could happen to your brilliant idea. Click Here to Read Article …