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Keyboard Cleaning Tips

Have you ever looked at your keyboard? I mean…really looked closely at it? Dirty keys and stuff stuck between them? Gross.

When was the last time it was cleaned? Maybe never? Whether your answer is “never” or “not since forever”, you should clean your keyboard regularly — and here are some keyboard cleaning tips on how to do it both effectively and safely.
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3 Quick Ways to Tune up Your Workspace

You know you’re supposed to declutter your desk and workspace. It’s going to boost your productivity. While you’re at it, here are three ideas to tune up your productivity:

Clean your keyboard

You shouldn’t be eating or drinking at your computer. But who has time for lunch? Here are 10 ideas for getting the dust and snack particles out from between the keys.

My favorite: Get a keyboard protector that covers the keys while you type. Click Here to Read Article …

Time-Saving Tips for Life Stuff

From reading the posts and comments throughout WorkAwesome, it seems that a common complaint of many of the writers and readers is a lack of time. Hopefully this is because you are too busy with work and raking in the financial benefits that come with this.  Perhaps you’ve got a busy life – and you can use some tips to save time doing the things you don’t enjoy, so you can spend more time doing the things you’d rather be doing.  Or, maybe you really enjoy your World of Warcraft – but your spouse would rather you do a few things before you go dragon hunting.

So – here are a few ways to save time in your day. Click Here to Read Article …

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