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How to Answer “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question at an interview at some point in your life.

Coming straight from the ‘stock questions to ask interview candidates’ manual, the “Where do you see yourself” question sits neatly alongside “What’s your greatest weakness?” and “How would you deal with a difficult situation?”

It’s a lazy employer who asks one of these ‘difficult’ questions. Both sides could probably just as well do the interview over the phone and save everyone a lot of time!

Unfortunately, if you want the job you’re going to have to sit through these painful interviews and prepare to give the same stock answer. Click Here to Read Article …

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Get That Job! 5 Great Tips to Ace the Interview

With all of the challenges the current economy is throwing at us, more and more people find themselves looking for new jobs. Many people perform great in the initial screening process only to find themselves being passed over after the in-person interview. Here are five job interview tips that you can use to increase the chances that you’ll ace your next job interview.

1. Be On Time

This seems very simple. However, you would be amazed at how many candidates who look great on paper wind up not getting the job because they were late for the interview. This is a common “kiss of death” among corporate interviewers everywhere. There had better be some serious extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, your interview was probably over before you got there.

In today’s world of cell phones and PDAs, being late without notification is pretty much inexcusable. If anything, you should try to arrive at the interview 10 to 15 minutes early. This will not only ensure that you make it on time (leaving earlier to arrive earlier will help you offset any delays you might encounter on the way), but give you enough time to center yourself. You can go over any questions you may have for the interviewer. This will help you feel ready, confident and not rushed.

2. Dress the Part

As a bank manager, you have to maintain the right “look” for your branch. Many candidates who have great experience and interview are ultimately passed over because they do not look the part. Nose rings and blue hair may be “edgy”, but a bank is not an “edgy” environment. At the same time, showing up for an interview at the local record shop in a three-piece suit may not be right, either. So do your research — get an idea of what the dress standards are for the business with which you are applying. Then dress slightly above them. This will show the employer that you understand their business and that you take it seriously. This does not mean you always have to wear a suit; it means you have to know what is “professional” for the position you are applying for.
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