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The Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Foods

For many over-worked cubicle dwellers, meals consist of Luna bars, Lean Cuisine lunches, and soups out of a can. Yup, that used to me, too. (And I admit that I sometimes still reach for a protein bar when I’m in a rush.)

But it’s better for you, your body, and your budget not to subsist on these so-called convenience foods. Anyone who’s seen the 2004 documentary Super Size Me knows about the horrific impact the McDonald’s drive-through can have on your health. Click Here to Read Article …

Data Backup and Sync Strategies #2: Top Backup and Sync Tools

In my first article in this series, I discussed the importance of data backup and sync, and what data you should consider backing up. It ranged from files to browser preferences, credit cards to business data, and emails to your tweets.

So, now that you know the things you need to address, let’s check out some  backup and sync tools that’ll get the job done. Data backup is an industry in itself and there is no dearth of software to get it done. But we don’t need to worry about all of them. I’ve chosen certain tools which should be more than enough for the average computer user or a small business owner.

The tools are categorized into different sections depending upon what they are used for primarily. Click Here to Read Article …

Stumped By a Buzzword? Demystify Office Jargon At Unsuck It

I have a love/hate relationship with buzzwords: I’m greatly amused when I hear a burst of buzzwords come out of a competent colleague’s mouth, but it’s infuriating to watch them used to wiggle out of responsibility or cover up a coworker’s underwhelming skill set. Sometimes I wonder if so-called “business acumen” is nothing more than the frequent use of buzzwords and glittery business jargon.

So, I decided to learn a new sub-dialect of English: buzzword.

I was previously using Buzzwhack as my buzzword dictionary of choice, but I was recently shown Unsuck It, a buzzword haven where you can view their collection of carefully curated buzzwords, submit new entries and even take a shot at “unsucking” one of the undefined terms with a concise, sensible translation. It’s really pushing the envelope of bleeding edge, web 2.0 crowdsourcing! Just kidding, it’s an interesting project, and it will obviously grow as it gains momentum from submissions and definitions. Maybe Unsuck It will become the Merriam-Webster of buzzwords. So, if you wonder what “solutioneering” might mean, or are puzzled by the term “bucketize,” this is the place where you can learn it, submit it or define it.

Unsuck It (courtesy of Mule Design) Click Here to Read Article …

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Why I Stick to Pen and Paper for Goals and Tasks

Technology is great…but I sure do like pen and paper – as I mentioned to one of our readers who asked me what I use to keep track of things.  For one thing, I remember things better when I write them down by hand; it’s as if my hand keeps memories of each of its motions and my mind is better able to recall these motions later as the words sink deeper in my brain.  I must think of each item I write down before setting my pen to paper and so I make better decisions using this increasingly old-fashioned way.  On a computer screen everything can be erased, so my brain doesn’t retain the words the same way – it’s all temporary and it all sits in shallower spots in my mind. Click Here to Read Article …

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Would You Ever Go Postal at Your Workplace?

One of the most publicized incidents currently in the U.S. news is the case of the flight attendant, Steven Slater, who had a tirade at the end of his shift on board a JetBlue flight. This tirade came after an unruly passenger, at the end of the flight, decided to unload her baggage from the overhead compartment before the crew had given the OK for passengers to leave their seats. Slater asked the passenger to sit down but the passenger refused. At the same time, her luggage fell from the overhead compartment onto the head of Slater. Slater then requested an apology from the passenger who then cursed at him. Slater then used the plane’s public address system and declared, in rather colorful language, that he had enough after 28 years as a flight attendant and cursed the passenger who cursed at him. He then grabbed two beers and opened the rear exit and deployed the emergency exit slide and exited the plane via the slide. He was since arrested later at his home. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Beat Procrastination Permanently

It’s no surprise that we’ve touched on beating procrastination several times at WorkAwesome – it is productivity’s sworn enemy. On our path to progress, we’re constantly kicking procrastination to the curb, and often it just reappears a few steps farther along the road. Some of us fare better than others in the never-ending contest between procrastination and production, but few of us have taken the time to fully understand what procrastination is, where it comes from, and how to fight it effectively. In fact, most of us only know two things about procrastination; a basic, tip-of-the-iceberg definition, and not to do it. Click Here to Read Article …

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Maximize Your Android Cell Phone Battery Life

No matter how great and feature-rich a phone is, once the battery goes down, it is as good as the toy you bought your kid for a few bucks. It is no surprise that most of the modern phones can’t boast of the battery power our good old phones, sans all the multi-media features, used to have.

So, if you’ve got a shiny new Android phone and love playing with it, it’d be a prudent to step to acquaint yourself with some tips that could maximize its battery life. The How-to Geek blog has a comprehensive article that should help you with the process. Check out the following guide to Android cell phone battery life extension.

Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life Click Here to Read Article …

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Memo:Random #40

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