9 Big, Bold Designer PowerPoint Templates

Putting together a memorable presentation is very challenging work. You want it to stand out and resonate with your audience, and it’s hard enough to put together all of the information in a cohesive manner without having to worry about design. That’s why a lot of presentations end up being far less than what they really could have been. It’s like having a choice between opening a gift wrapped in fancy wrapping paper compared to one wrapped in newsprint. The shiny object always seems to win out.

To capture the attention of those you’re presenting to, you need something big and bold to help get your message across. Here’s 9 designer PowerPoint templates that will help you put together a stellar-looking presentation. Just click on each image to check out all of the features of the template.

1. Modernist

2. Utopia

3. Swiss Style

4. Media Interactive

5. BIGIdea

6. Wiked

7. Clouds

8. Modern Agency

9. Professional

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  1. Grant McAllister on the 27th November

    Fantastic collection.

    It’s not often you find a nice design on a powerpoint presentation, never mind a collection.

    • Paul on the 7th November

      You must have been looking in the wrong places. There’s plenty of templates available.

  2. zhu on the 27th November

    I have always wondered how do you placed the wonderful charts into the poerpoint…

    Anyone have an idea?

  3. Prog4rammer on the 28th November

    Very Good List templates collection Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Timons @ Perfectly Good Money on the 5th August

    Very Nice collection of templates! and also click my name if you want to look for more templates.

  5. Kalaa on the 21st October



  6. PPT2DVD on the 30th November

    Very interesting approach, thanks。

  7. mws on the 13th January

    niiice! too bad it’s not for free..

  8. Martine on the 31st May

    Nice round up, my favorite is Utopia. Also, I like the package from http://www.presentationbundle.com , this one should be on your next list. Tanks for sharing!

  9. andyeacsoft on the 28th August

    great resource! a good powerpoint is always useful when trans customer’s idea to design teams, and vice versa show design work to customer in order to gain effective feedback!

  10. Julian on the 22nd August

    Good resources. Thanks. Here are a few other resources that I use for my presentations.


    All these contains lot of PowerPoint templates for free download ($0).

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