Virtual Outsourcing: Rent a Coder with vWorker (Rentacoder)

So, you’re sitting at your desk and your staring at the most beautifully designed web application mock-up that you’ve ever seen. You can see the pages’ dynamic data and behaviors interacting harmoniously together. You can see the financial windfall that this application is going to provide your company. Then you realize that it is only a Photoshop image and everything you want the application to accomplish is still stuck inside your overactive — yet optimistic — imagination. All those bells and whistles need code to support them. The hitch is, you’re not a programmer. It sounds like you need a freelancer, a “rent a coder” — so to speak. The best place on the web for virtual outsourcing has got to be vWorker.

vWorker is the dynamic online marketplace, formerly known as RentaCoder, where you can hire virtual workers to assist you in your business and personal projects. With vWorker you can rent a coder, hire a graphic designer, or even get custom Excel spreadsheet hacks. vWorker offers an environment where security and customer satisfaction allows thousands of successful transactions every month. They guarantee the work of their freelancers and in order to ensure everybody’s money is handled appropriately, vWorker offer a convenient payment escrow platform. Their service is free to prospecting employers. You will not fork over a dime more than your project’s final cost to rent a coder with vWorker. Here are the steps required to virtually outsource your project with vWorker.

1. Create a vWorker employer account.

In order to rent a coder from vWorker you will need to create an account. This account can be used to find a coder or fill any other virtual outsourcing needs your company may have. The process is very straightforward and can be started from the vWorker homepage by selecting the ‘Try It’ button under the employers and entrepreneurs heading.

2. Post your project.

After creating an account and verifying your email you will be directed to post your project. Before you enter all the information make sure you know exactly what you want. Remember, you will be dealing with around 300,000 freelancers when using vWorker. Getting what you want requires knowing exactly what you want to begin with. The process for posting your project is as follows:

  1. Enter your project information. This would include your project title, project type, bidding type, and whether the coder must sign a nondisclosure agreement before gaining access to information related to your project.
  2. Select whether the coder will be paid-for-deliverable products or paid-for-time. Each method of payment has its own guarantees structured by vWorker.
  3. Select a category for your project. Try to find a category as specific as possible. This will ensure you’re getting a coder with the necessary skills and background to complete your rent a coder project successfully.
  4. Write your bid request. This is the meat and potatoes of your project post. Enter as detailed of a summary as possible to ensure that the bidding coders can accurately estimate their time / costs. That way you’re not surprised when your rent a coder is unable to finish the project in the allotted amount of time. In addition, make sure you specify exactly what you expect to receive from your coder in the deliverables section. The vWorker guarantee only covers the items entered in the deliverables section.
  5. Enter any deadline or time restraint information for your project.
  6. Enter the desired location / language settings for your rent a coder.
  7. Enter your company Information. You should only have to do this the first time you use vWorker.
  8. Wait for verification of your project post. vWorker personally verifies each and every project to ensure the utmost quality of their service. Once verified, your rent a coder project will begin receiving bids.

3. Receive and review the bids and bidders.

During project submission to vWorker you set up an allotted time to receive bids on your project. During this time, you are able to monitor who’s bidding and what their bids are. You can also communicate with prospective project bidders. You can find a list of all bids on your project as well as links to the bidder’s bios towards the bottom of your vWorker project page. This is a good time to do a little research on the bidders themselves. As the bids are rolling in you can find all the information you need in their vWorker bio. A few things to watch for are:

  • What is your rent a coder’s worker rating? Obviously the higher this number the better!
  • How many jobs has your rent a coder completed successfully?
  • What is the number and outcome of Mediations / Arbitrations? If this number is high then the prospective bidder may be difficult to work with.
  • Check the prospective bidder’s areas of expertise / resume.
  • Read their work history and previous employer’s comments.

4. Rent a coder with vWorker.

After doing the research required and tallying the bids so to speak, you are ready to rent a coder from vWorker. Before accepting the bid, you need to view the bid and verify that it is truly the bid you want to accept. You can do this by clicking on the link in your email notification or “to do” list notification. You can also accept the bid by clicking on the “View or Accept” link next to the bidder you are interested in hiring on the project page.

5. Set up payment to an escrow account.

After accepting a bid from a prospective coder, you will be asked to authorize a credit card charge, PayPal charge, or snail-mail check payment in order to move the funds required to complete the project into escrow. This is for your own protection. These funds are held until you authorize their payment to the hired coder by accepting all or part of their final work. If for any reason you end up unsatisfied with your delivered product, vWorker has channels for the mediation of such problems.

6. Accept the finished product.

Accepting the product provided by your coder is all that’s left to do after effectively virtually outsourcing your project to vWorker. There are two different processes for accepting the coder’s final product. They are dependent on your choice of payment type during submission of your project.

  • If you chose to pay-for deliverables you can either accept all or a percentage of the coder’s work after downloading and reviewing the delivered product. To do this you click the link in the email sent to notify you of the project’s completion.
  • If you chose pay-for-time you will need to review your coder’s work and approve their time card within 3 days of the time card’s end date. After 3 days, the time card is automatically approved in accordance with your contract.

Now you see why RentaCoder, now vWorker, is such a big success. Contrary to what some in the tech magazine world might have wanted you to believe. If you followed the steps above, you were able to successfully rent a coder, receive the delivered goods from your chosen provider, make payment in a safe and guaranteed fashion, and do it all in record time. The only thing left for you to do is leave some positive feedback for your coder’s next possible virtual employer.


In today’s busy world sometimes the most productive way to work is through delegation and outsourcing. Virtual outsourcing has proven to be a valuable asset to any company. Through virtual outsourcing you will find you have more time to pitch new projects, improve existing projects or just have a bit more breathing room between the two. When used wisely, it can be a smarter way to make sure that the work you do is as awesome as it can be.

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Joshua Riddle from and is a freelance web developer and contributing author. His writing specializes in time management, productivity strategies, technology based tutorials, and work-flow. His development specialties are Web 2.0 style interactive PHP / MySQL database applications.


  1. TrafficColeman on the 15th November

    This is awesome and I will be book marketing this site now, because I do got plans to spread and new software of mines out soon and I think finding someone here to code will be great.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  2. Killer on the 15th November

    As a virtual worker myself, I haven’t been that crazy about vWorker, previously known as Rentacoder. This is an attempt to rebrand that service. I’m hopeful that the improvements will result in better opportunities for workers. I’ll start scanning them for opportunities to include in my top ten best telecommute writing jobs for workers and come back to let you know if I have seen improvements. The best site I’ve found is Guru. I’ve found the best clients and see some very good talent there too (no affiliation).

    • Ian Ippolito on the 2nd March


      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been crazy about us in the past, but appreciate you giving us a second chance. What I’d really love to hear is what issues you have or what you’d suggest as I am always open to hear how we could improve. We are constantly improving and upgrading from suggestions like yours (over 100 changes/month).

      Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Guru (when you take into account all the fees…not just the project fees) is more expensive and I do not believe they guarantee you payment as a virtual worker. On vworker: if you complete the project to contract (on time) and in the industry expected manner, you are guaranteed payment: whether the employer chooses to or not. There are over 30 more differences, which are detailed here:

      Ian Ippolito

  3. Ian Ippolito on the 2nd March

    Thanks for the review of our site, as well as the extremely detailed tutorial. I’m sure many people will find it very useful to have such detailed step by step instructions from someone with experience on the site.

    Ian Ippolito
    CEO and founder of

  4. Koowie on the 29th April

    Why did they change their name from Rent a Coder? To me it was more simple and catchier.

    • Rod Smith on the 21st February

      We had grown to be much more than just coders, and the name was holding back designers, writers, translators, virtual assistants, SEO people, etc.. Many buyers would understandbly not think to hire a writer from a site called Rent a Coder. More info on the name change can be found at the old URL:
      Rod Smith

  5. toto on the 4th May

    I use vworker in 3 months. This is best method how to get money from internet. Thank you for

    • Rod Smith on the 21st February

      Toto, I’m so glad to hear it. It’s our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to doing so, for many years to come.
      Rod Smith

  6. Bill on the 7th June

    Vworker is an excellent site to jump start your programming career.

    • Rod Smith on the 21st February

      I’m glad we helped jump start your career Bill!
      Rod Smith

  7. Raj on the 18th July

    yeah it works good as a buyer and as worker as well. i used to work as coder and i got some work done from the website

  8. Pronab on the 1st December

    Vworker is a good site to start online job.

  9. Husnain on the 15th December

    Can anyone please tell me that how to send money from Because i didn’t find any place with the option to send or withdraw money and today is 15th so please tell me.

    • Rod Smith on the 21st February

      You do it when you signup on the site and choose your payment options. You can also change it any time by going to ‘my general info’ under ‘my account’. If you have questions, call or email us via the feedback link on any page: we are open 7 days a week to assist you!
      Rod Smith

  10. JW on the 19th July

    I’ve tried VWorker and I found its site very interesting for online jobs. I worked there before but I wanted to explore other sites more for full time work. Fortunately, while I was on my search, my friend told me to apply at since they are only hiring full-time workers. I tried and out of my luck I was able to get a job in just a week. VWorker and are alike, they are good sites to work with but the latter is more awesome for me.

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