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If you’re a follower of GTD productivity systems, there are scores of specially designed and tailored apps. Not so much for The Action Method. However, there are some options. One is the Action Method’s own product, Action Method Online and another is SUBERNOVA.

The basic elements of the Action Method are:

  • Action Steps
  • References
  • Backburners
  • Discussions
  • Events

SUBERNOVA incorporates each of these elements in a sleek-looking package, with added bonuses for freelancers and entrepreneurs, such as time-tracking, estimate sending, and invoicing.

Action Steps

Action Steps are the crux of the Action Method. They’re also very straightforward tasks that need to be completed to move a project forward. And they should start with verbs.

SUBERNOVA allows you to create Milestones within a project, with the option of including a deadline. You can then delegate or share these tasks. If the task has a deadline, SUBERNOVA also lets you know how many days are left. This helps keep you accountable and things moving forward.


Creating a project in SUBERNOVA is easy:

  • Enter the project’s name
  • Select a client
  • Set the base price (Or set it to zero if you’re charging by the hour, it’s advertising based, etc.)
  • Enter the start date
  • Enter the deadline
  • Write a quick a description

SUBERNOVA has an awesome project overview that consists of:

  • The client
  • The project name
  • How many milestones are needed to complete the project
  • Timeline in the form of a progress bar
  • Number of days left to deadline
  • Whether the project is quoted, invoiced or paid
  • Price of the project
  • Timer to charge by the hour

So, essentially-everything you would want to know about a project is right at your fingertips-meaning less time spent searching and more time spent on Action Steps.


Milestones let you break down larger projects into specific Action Steps. You can either choose to assisgn a dated deadline or just mark it as a task.

There are a number of ways to sort both projects and milestones in Suubernova:

  • From all clients or projects
  • Due Today
  • Due Tomorrow
  • Due within 1 Week
  • Due within 2 Weeks
  • Due later than 2 weeks
  • By client/project
  • By sharing options (For projects either shared by yourself or shared with your from others. For milestones, either assigned to someone else or assigned to yourself.)

This helps you keep focused on exactly what needs to be done, while allowing the flexibility of letting you choose how you view projects and tasks best.


Notes, links, files, mindmaps, wireframes — every project has some sort of material that you’ll need to reference back to during the course of it. SUBERNOVA allows you to add links to any project — perfect for keeping track of the relevant information you’ll need.

While you can’t upload a document, Google Docs and Writeboard allow you to create a password-protected link. Add the link to your project and you’re set.


Backburners are those ideas that you want to do, but can’t do yet. Maybe you don’t have the resources…or the time. Perhaps another step or project needs to be created first. SUBERNOVA lets you pick a start date for each project. This way you can keep track of what you would like to do (or plan on doing) but don’t have to worry about currently-unactionable projects cluttering up your workspace.


SUBERNOVA offers collaboration and communication in two ways:

  • Collaboration through tasks and projects
  • Scheduled emails
After you add users, you can either share an entire project with the user or just assign a milestone. There’s an option to check off a box that will send an email notification to the user alerting them of the task creation.

Scheduled emails are a godsend for those of us who don’t want to send an email at 3am on a Saturday that we have finished the project or have some questions, but also don’t want to forget to send that email.

To schedule an email, you just go to the clients section, click on the client’s name, and then fill in the prompt. That’s it! The client’s name is then color-coded with a blue dot next to it so you know an email is scheduled. You’ll also receive a notification that the email was sent.


SUBERNOVA lets you subscribe to Project and Milestone dates and deadlines through an iCal format, allowing those dates and deadlines, to well, show up on your calendar. SUBERNOVA also offers email notifications of deadlines and the iPhone app allows for push notifications.

Important Extras for Freelancers and Small Businsesses

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, SUBERNOVA has a number of awesome features designed for you in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is available right in SUBERNOVA. Just go to projects, hit start, and you’re good to go. Want to stop the timer? Click on it again and it stops. Simple and convienent.

Estimates and Invoicing


Finally, a full-featured invoicing option that:

  • Integrates with your project management app
  • Allows you to send invoices from your own domain name
  • Allows for recurring invoices
  • Includes a downloadable PDF link to invoices and estimates
  • Allows for company branding
  • Integrates with PayPal
  • Is affordable-even if you’re just starting out! $14.99 for unlimited estimates, invoices, clients, projects AND milestones!

Email and iPhone Push Notifications, iCal subscription, and RSS Activity Feeds

To help keep you updated and on task, SUBERNOVA offer the ability to receive daily updates through email, iPhone push notifications, subscribe to the calendar that includes all your deadlines, AND subscribe to an RSS Activity feed a la Basecamp.

No matter what you’re preferred method of tracking and keeping on top of dealines is, SUBERNOVA has you covered.

For Even More Productivity for Anyone: Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s face it-navigating by keyboard is much faster than using a mouse or trackpad. SUBERNOVA thought of this and has a number of keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks:

Available Versions

SUBERNOVA is a web app, but there’s also an Adobe Air App, an iPhone app and an iPad app available.

Overall, if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur interested in using the Action Method, you really can’t go wrong with giving SUBERNOVA a shot.

(For more information on SUBERNOVA, you can check out previous coverage at our sister site, Web.AppStorm.)

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    I tried out SUBERNOVA after getting a years trial and its great but without an Android app its useless to me 🙁

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