How Much Sleep Do You Need?

In order to be productive, you need to be well-rested.  Breaks are part of the equation, but you also need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep.  There are plenty of different ways of making sure you’re getting enough “shut eye.”

One method is napping.  When you were a kid you probably had enough of them, but there’s an impressive list of people who couldn’t have achieved what they did without them.  The power nap is a popular way to grab some much-needed sleep during the day and leave you recharged to tackle the rest of it.  But some of us don’t have the type of job that allows for “naptime.”  It’s unlikely your boss would be impressed if they saw you catching some z’s in your cubicle during your workday.

Even if you do manage to get some sleep in throughout the day, you still need to get a good night’s sleep to keep at your productive best.  Which begs the question:

“What is a good night’s sleep for you?”

How much sleep do you need to stay at the top of your game?  Are you getting the sleep you need?  Let us know in the comments…before you “hit the hay.”

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  1. Doug S. on the 31st May

    Well, I know from experience that I can fully function for three days straight on no sleep. I know I can run for two weeks averaging 3 hours a night.

    However, I prefer 7–9 hours. 6 minimum.

  2. Rebecca on the 31st May

    I am currently staying up late and not sleeping because I’m reading this blog. :\

    I’m a student and I find working (co-op student: work 4 months, school 4 months) drains me a lot more than school. On school terms I can stay up for 40~60hours no problem, but at work I just want to sleep all the time.

  3. suhail on the 31st May

    i prefer a minimum 6 hours sleep.

  4. Adam on the 31st May

    Hmmm…. Seems like everyone in that “impressive list” were of a certain age that requires a nap.

  5. Brandon on the 31st May

    I recently purchased a new bed that cost me twice as much as my first car. With the new bed I find that I can survive on about six hrs nightly without feeling tired through out the day. So pay attention to the quality of sleep you are getting as well people. Also if I receive fewer than 5 hrs nightly for a fortnight I crash and burn and get sick. It’s true, but I just wanted to say fortnight.

  6. Ivan Cosic on the 1st June

    7 hours is optimal due last REM phase ending between 6:30 and 7. I found myself fully functional next day when I “programm” myself to get up exactly @ 7h mark. I usually wake up on 6-6:30 but I don’t find myself really rested on those times.

  7. Alex on the 1st June

    At least 7hrs. 6 is fine for about one or two days, but then I’ll need even more hours afterwards.

    Perfect for me are 8.5 hours, but I nearly never get them.. :/

  8. Bobby on the 1st June

    While daugher is watching cartoons for 45 min each afternoon and at the same time I do a powernap, when I wake up I feel really refreshed and helps me be productive at home.

  9. Tracey on the 1st June

    If I can get 5 hours sleep, then I’m happy!

    I’m still okay with 4 hours – prefer a solid 7 but with 2 little kids and a demanding work from home job, that’s a dream right now!

  10. Marcus on the 1st June

    In my younger days I could easily get by on as little as 2 hours sleep a night. It was a time of work hard, play hard.

    Now, I find I need a minimum of 7 hours sleep if I want to function properly throughout the day.

  11. Luce on the 2nd June

    I know I don’t get enough sleep when I get up in the morning but I can’t resign myself to go to bed earlier (even though when I do it makes a great difference). And that would be a 7 hours sleep.

    I’m curious about people that says they can skip nights… can you do it without coffee/redbull and shitty stuff like that 😉

  12. Darius on the 3rd June

    I need 8-8.5 hours.

  13. Phillip on the 15th June

    I need 6 hours but can get by on 5

  14. hwk on the 27th July

    I think I im sick now ,every morning I im tired to get up however it is so hard to sleep at the middle of night ,when I heard some guy say he sleep when his daughter watch catroon its funny ,

  15. Dan on the 5th October

    Not sure how old this is…. But its 4.40am and I’m due in work for 9am and I’m sitting here drinkin a few cans of cider and listening to music. The music is keeping me awake and I’m not complaining. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow though! 🙂

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